CozyCal is available in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish

Kat Lu

Since we launched CozyCal's roadmap, translating the calendar interface to languages other than English has been one of the most requested features.

It's exciting to see that more users from around the world are using CozyCal as part of their business's operation. We also begin to realize that it is important to make CozyCal multi-lingual and support non-English speaking users. To provide a native scheduling experience, we will need to offer the choice that allows users to select their preferred language.

CozyCal's booking interface is available in four languages

Now, we are happy to share with you that CozyCal's calendar interface is available in four languages: French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. These languages were chosen based on the number of votes that we have received our roadmap. If you want to add your language to our to-do list, you can submit and upvote it on our roadmap anytime.

The translation feature applies to guest-facing labels on the

  • Calendar page
  • Intake form
  • Confirmation page

It's easy to select your preferred language. On your booking page's setting, simply click on Page Settings > Language, then choose your language from the drop-down list.

If you would also like to receive payments through your booking page, you can do so by integrating Stripe with your CozyCal account. Through Stripe integration, CozyCal supports payment collection in as many as 135 currencies.

You can learn more about how to integrate CozyCal with Stripe and receive payments.

24 Hour-time display for European users

We also made it possible for calendars to display in 24-hour time availability instead of just the AM/PM system. The 24 hour time display is automatically applied to the calendar when any of the four languages are selected.

Better timezone display to reduce confusion

In addition, we have upgraded the timezone display on the calendar page for a better end-to-end scheduling experience. This feature upgrade is particularly helpful if you and your guests are in different timezones. Once they select a date and time, the calendar shows both your timezone and offset from a guest's current local time.

This helps to reduce timezone confusion and make sure your guest understands the timezone difference when they are booking with you.

We aim to provide a seamless, native scheduling experience

With the combination of translated booking interface, Stripe integration, 24 hour-time and better timezone display, you can provide your guests with a more native, seamless scheduling experience. Whether you are operating a local small business in Spain, or a multi-member team globally, CozyCal gives you the flexibility to customize your booking page in your preferred language and reduce friction for people in different timezones.

Since the translation feature is still beta, we want to continue improving the interface to make it more user-friendly for our non-English speaking users. You can submit your feedback on our roadmap or chat with us anytime to let us know your thoughts.

Enjoy the new translation feature!

Kat Lu
Co-founder of CozyCal. Wanderlust at heart. Love books and films.