Canny team counts on CozyCal to run their scheduling while they travel the world as digital nomads

Sarah, Co-founder at Canny


Sarah and Andrew have bootstrapped Canny, a feedback management tool, while traveling the world as digital nomads.


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Feedback Management Software

Sarah and Andrew have bootstrapped Canny while traveling as digital nomads, leaving their footprints in 25 cities across 16 countries. Two years ago, they both left their secure jobs at Facebook, and embarked on a journey with the goal of creating a company that has a positive impact on the world. Now, the world is their office and Canny is thriving.

Canny is a customer feedback management tool that helps companies collect feature requests and better understand customer needs. We have been using Canny to collect customer feedback, and love it!

This year, they have expanded the Canny family to a team of five. As Canny continues to grow, they are getting more requests for product demos, interviews and on-boarding walk-throughs. The team has integrated CozyCal into their workflows to schedule these calls with potential leads.

Before CozyCal

As Canny is growing fast, Sarah and her team need an easy solution to let leads schedule demo calls with them.

Sarah: "We wanted a quick and easy way for customers to book demos with us. We travel a lot so we needed a system to take care of scheduling everything around our varying schedules. Needing to reschedule calls is a big hassle so figuring out time zone changes needed to be easy."

After CozyCal

Sarah found CozyCal through Indie Hackers, an online place where founders of profitable businesses and side projects share their stories. We connected instantly and Sarah decided to give CozyCal a try.

Sarah: "As a digital nomads, we're constantly on the move. When the time zones are different and constantly changing it's easy to make mistakes. We don't want to spend time emailing customers back and forth for a time that works. I can send my CozyCal link and it's taken care of."

In addition to sharing their CozyCal booking page links with leads and interview candidates, the Canny team has integrated CozyCal as part of their streamlined on-boarding flow.

Sarah: "We're always doing customer demos and scheduling interviews with candidates. Whenever we need to hop on a call with external people, we send them our CozyCal link. We also have a link linking directly to Andre's CozyCal booking page so people can do a demo during their trial in Canny."
The Canny team has integrated CozyCal as part of their on-boarding flow to allow users directly book demo sessions during their trial.

Since the Canny team is getting many requests for demo calls, they are taking advantage of CozyCal's Google Hangouts integration.

Sarah: "CozyCal is connected to our Google Calendar to make sure we're not getting double booked. It also automatically generates a Google Hangouts link for our call."

No matter where Sarah and the Canny team are based in the world, they can count on CozyCal to take care of scheduling for them.

Sarah: "We've never had any issues with meetings booked via CozyCal. The UX is intuitive for people booking which is the most important thing. I love how CozyCal looks and how easy it is to use.
I don't have to think about it. I can rely on CozyCal to get the meeting booked at an appropriate time."
No matter where Sarah and the Canny team are based in the world, they can count on CozyCal to take care of scheduling for them.