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Product Updates

How to Increase Law Firm Efficiency with Hybrid Appointment and Room Scheduling

Learn how hybrid appointment and room scheduling can streamline your law firm’s operations with features like multi-host scheduling, integrated room booking, and automatic reminders.

Product Updates

Streamline Team and Resource Scheduling with CozyCal's Multi-Host Feature

Discover how CozyCal's multi-host feature enhances collective team scheduling by pooling availability, optimizing resource booking, and boosting appointment scheduling productivity.

Product Updates

How to schedule more appointments with package booking?

Offering bundled services or products in packages at a discounted rate can motivate clients to purchase multiple sessions at once instead of booking individual sessions.

Product Updates

Redirect guests for better booking experience

You can redirect booked guests to another website that displays customized content and collects key booking analytics.

Product Updates

Introduce resource booking: a simple way to manage resources

Whether you are scheduling for meeting rooms, filming studios, or rental equipments, a simple, automated booking flow can be created.

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