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Product Updates

Introduce resource booking: a simple way to manage resources

Whether you are scheduling for meeting rooms, filming studios, or rental equipments, a simple, automated booking flow can be created.

Product Updates

Why do we have a public feature roadmap?

Improving CozyCal is thus a collective, reciprocal, and open process that involves both us as the product makers as well as our users.

Product Updates

Pricing change update

As CozyCal becomes a more mature product, we want to channel our resources to focus on serving the needs of our customers.

Product Updates

CozyCal is available in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish

You can now translate the booking page in four languages and display the calendar in 24-hour time.

Product Updates

CozyCal joins Stripe Partnership Program

Stripe has become the new standard in online payments. We use Stripe to process transactions at CozyCal, and you can do so too.

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