A delightful appointment scheduler loved by teams

Manage team appointment scheduling with a standardized process or let team members create their own customized booking flow

Build a customized team scheduling flow

Set up different workspaces based on your locations or departments, then add team members to a team-wide booking page that showcases available services or let team members create individual booking pages.

Customize intake form to collect information
Add different question types including short answer, paragraph, checkbox, drop-down and add-ons on the intake form to collect key client information.
Send white label automatic email notifications
Send automatic confirmation and reminder email notifications from your business's own domain to keep booked guests informed, with your branding highlighted.

Control how your team gets booked

As the admin, you can get a bird's eye-view of all bookings by filtering team members, and manage others' availabilities flexibly.

Manage event settings and team availability
Set team event's duration, padding time, booking window, and manage the entire team's availabilities flexibly under one admin account.
Track team booking history in the client database
Search scheduled guests, track team's booking history, and export contact list for newsletter emailing or data analytics all through a centralized client database.

Set flexible team scheduling types to maximize bookings

Auto-assign bookings to team members in a round-robin manner or let guests pick the team member they prefer to meet.

One-on-one meetings with selected team members
Guests can click into each team member's calendar, view their schedule, and book with the team member that works for the best.
Accept multiple bookings per time slot for group meetings
A time slot can accept bookings from multiple guests which is ideal for hosting group meetings, workshops, conferences or webinars.

Power up team scheduling with integrations

Sync seamlessly with Google or Outlook calendar to coordinate the entire team's schedule and keep team availabilities up to date.

Video calls via Zoom or Google Meet
Automatically create virtual meeting links for scheduled meetings through Zoom or Google Meet.

Connect with Stripe to charge payments
Connect with Stripe, set pricing for event types or add-on items, and collect payments right on your booking page.

Work better, together

Build a customized team scheduling system that saves time, increases efficiency and connects your team in one shared booking space.

“We used CozyCal to schedule virtual family-teacher conferences and loved it. CozyCal's very easy to use as a scheduling software and looks clean and modern. It saved our teachers a lot of time. Highly recommend it to other schools.
“Our team at What Works love CozyCal. Compare to other scheduling software, it's so simple, straightforward and beautiful. We use CozyCal to book podcast recordings and chat sessions. When we switched over from Acuity to CozyCal for scheduling, it felt great."

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