Delightfully Simple Scheduling

CozyCal helps to convert visitors into leads right on your website.
Book appointments, collect payments and manage clients all in one place.

Increase Conversion

CozyCal helps businesses increase 50% customer conversion

Control Your Schedule

Manage services and availabilities flexibly to maximize bookings

Save Time

Eliminate back-and-forth emailing to coordinate time

Schedule Guests on Your Website

Create an elegant, customized scheduling experience to increase conversion

Convert lookers into bookers

Customize a call-to-action button or directly share your booking page URL on your website to capture quality leads and increase customer conversion.

Stand out with your branding

Create a beautiful booking page that matches with your branding and display your services with style.

Take control of your availabilities

Sync with your Google or Outlook calendar to set flexible availabilities, customize intake form to collect client information, and receive payments right on your booking page.

Manage booked events on a simple calendar

Manage your scheduling settings, check your booked appointments and organize client information all in one place.

Team scheduling to maximize bookings

Invite team members to join your collaborative booking page, set their own schedules, and allow guests to either select a preferred or auto-assigned member for the meeting.

Powerful, flexible features

Everything you need to create a delightful scheduling experience for your customers

Calendar Sync

Sync with Google calendar and Outlook calendar to keep availabilities up to date.

White label email reminders

Send white label confirmation, reminder and cancellation emails to keep your customers informed.

Event requests

Manually accept or decline event requests to take full control of your schedule.

Flexible time setting

Control your availabilities by setting flexible event durations, event booking window, event padding time, or block off specific times.

SMS reminder

Send SMS messages to remind clients of scheduled events and reduce no shows

Customizable intake form

Customize intake forms to collect important customer information upon bookings.

Personalized booking page URL

Customize and share your booking page or event type URL in emails or on social media for quick and easy scheduling.

Customer database

Search customer database and track booking history to gain key insights on what's working for your business.

Receive payments

Connect with Stripe, set pricing for event types and collect payments right on your booking page.

Multilingual booking page

Booking pages can be translated in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Timezone detection

Automatically detect timezone difference so customers can book events either at their local time or in your timezone.

Multi-day duration

Hosting multi-day events? No problem. You can set multi-day event duration easily and take bookings from multiple customers.


CozyCal integrates with your existing workflows

Loved by teams and individuals worldwide

CozyCal works around the clock to take care of your business's scheduling

“CozyCal has helped my team convert 50% more customers through the website. It frees up more time for my team to talk to clients on the phone. It's super easy to install and use. I highly recommend it.”

“It's so much cleaner than Calendly. It's a nicer experience for people I schedule meetings with, and the admin UX is way easier to navigate. I recommend people to give CozyCal a try.”

“Our team at What Works love CozyCal. It's so simple, straightforward and beautiful. We use CozyCal to book podcast recordings and chat sessions. When we switched over from Acuity to CozyCal, it felt great."

“From me, CozyCal's SOO easy to use. Set up was a breeze. Integrating it to the website was easy. From the customers appearance (those who visit my website to schedule), it looks very clean. Very user-friendly. ”

“We have tried other applications, but CozyCal is the most aesthetic and intuitive app. We have enjoyed 80% increase in bookings, and that's partly due to CozyCal. We easily save 1 hour per day using CozyCal!"

“I’ve painstakingly tried over 15 schedulers and CozyCal is by far the most convenient and easy to use scheduler available. A must for all my websites. Not to mention the excellent support and customer service. Love it! ”

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