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How does it work

Create a customized online scheduling flow that lets your clients schedule appointments, classes, rooms or equipments with just a few simple steps.

Create a customized booking page

Showcase offerings, manage schedules and sync with external calendars to streamline the scheduling experience and maximize online bookings.

External calendar sync
Syncs with Google calendar and Outlook calendar to update real-time availability and prevent double-bookings.
Flexible event and time setting
Set up one-on-meetings or group events, and control your availabilities by setting flexible event durations, event booking window, event padding time, or block off specific times.
Auto-timezone detection
Detect timezone difference automatically so customers can schedule events either at their local timezone or in your timezone.
Package booking
Offer bundled services and products in packages, give discounts on bulk purchase sessions, and get paid for multiple appointments at once.
Resource booking
Manage availability and bookings of resources such as meeting rooms, co-working spaces or equipment rental all under one account.
Team scheduling
Combine multiple team members' availability on one team booking page or let team members create individual booking pages.

Set up intake forms, email reminders, and pricing

Automate the online scheduling process to improve efficiency, keep your clients in the loop and watch your revenue grow.

Customizable intake form
Collect important guest information through customized intake forms that support various question types.
Accept payments
Connect with Stripe to accept payments online in a secure manner right on your booking page.
Virtual meetings
Share auto-generated unique meeting links with booked guests through Zoom or Google Meet.
Event requests
Accept or decline event requests after reviewing the prospect's intake form information and take full control of your schedule.
White-label email notifications
Send white label confirmation, reminder and cancellation emails to keep booked guests informed, with your branding highlighted.
SMS reminder
Remind guests of scheduled events with automated SMS text messages to reduce no shows.

Install CozyCal on your website, and share a custom link

Embed CozyCal on your website for a seamless scheduling experience. Ready to receive bookings anytime, anywhere.

Website widget
Customize and embed the booking page widget on your website with only a short snippet code. Instead of being redirected to another domain, booking guests stay right on your website.
Sharable booking link
Customize and share your booking page or event type URLs in emails and social media for quick and easy scheduling.
Mobile friendly interface
Responds quickly on mobile devices allowing guests to schedule on the go.

Manage booked events on a simple calendar

Quickly view booked events, check client information and booking history, reschedule or cancel events on a centralized dashboard.

Accept payments or deposits with just one click

Integrate your customized scheduling process with Stripe, the world's most powerful payment platform, to accept payments, deposits and capture more revenue.

Team scheduling made simple

Let your team have complete control over work schedule.

Invite team members & collabroate
Invite coworkers to join your team booking page or create individual team member booking pages to make scheduling accessible for guests.
Flexible team scheduling
Auto-assign bookings to team members in a round-robin style, or allow guests to choose who they want to book with.
Have full control over team scheduling
As the admin, you can get a bird's eye-view of all bookings by filtering team members, and manage others' availabilities flexibly.
Integrate with existing workflows
Integrate with Google calendar, Outlook calendar, Zoom, Stripe and other tools to streamline your online scheduling process.

A scheduling tool serving all kinds of industries

Build a scheduling flow that tailors to your company's unique needs.

Loved by individuals and teams worldwide

CozyCal works around the clock to take care of scheduling for your business.

“CozyCal has helped my team convert 50% more customers through the website. It frees up more time for my team to talk to clients on the phone. It's super easy to install and use. I highly recommend it.”
“CozyCal is so much cleaner than Calendly. It's a nicer experience for people I schedule meetings with, and the admin UX is way easier to navigate. I recommend people to give CozyCal a try.”
“Our team at What Works love CozyCal. Compare to other scheduling software, it's so simple, straightforward and beautiful. We use CozyCal to book podcast recordings and chat sessions. When we switched over from Acuity to CozyCal for scheduling, it felt great."
“For me, CozyCal's SOO easy to use as a scheduling software. The set up was a breeze. Integrating it to the website was easy. From the customers appearance (those who visit my website to schedule), CozyCal looks very clean. Very user-friendly appointment scheduler. ”
“We have tried other appointment scheduler, but CozyCal is the most aesthetic and intuitive one. We have enjoyed 80% increase in bookings, and that's partly due to CozyCal. We easily save 1 hour per day using CozyCal!"
“I just wanted to say how THRILLED I am with this scheduling software. Every time I look for something I need to do, it's like CozyCal reads my mind and have it all ready to go for me. For appointment scheduling, CozyCal has worked so smoothly and looks beautiful. My clients are actually using it. So thank you! ”

Built by a small team of two, with love

Hi, this is Chris and Kat. We are a husband and wife team based in Vancouver, Canada.

A scheduling tool should not be complicated or cumbersome to use. That's why we founded CozyCal with the mission to build an appointment scheduling software that's more intuitive, functional and delightful to use for people with varying levels of tech savviness.

We're proud to build CozyCal from the ground up without external funds. Our vision is to help our customers to grow their businesses sustainably, a goal that we also aspire to. By openly sharing our product roadmap and changelog, we are committed to improve CozyCal based on a tight customer feedback loop. Our ears are all open for your feedback and suggestions.

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