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Unlimited booking pages
Google Calendar
Unlimited event bookings
Microsoft Office 365
White label emailing
Event request (accept or decline events)
Personalized booking page URL
Google Hangouts
SMS reminder
Google Analytics
Automatic timezone detection
Clio Manage
24-hour clock
(French, German, Portuguese, Spanish)
Redirect booked guests
CSV export of contacts
iCalendar subscription
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and what is CozyCal?
We are Chris and Kat , the founders of CozyCal. CozyCal is run by two of us. Our goal is to build CozyCal as the most user-friendly scheduling tool and help businesses grow.
Do you have a free trial?
Yup, we offer a 10-day free trial so you can try out CozyCal and decide if it's a good fit for you before you upgrade. If you are a non-profit organization, reach out to us at for a discount.
How long does it take to set up?
It's quite fast. The average setup takes a few minutes. There is no need to install any software since CozyCal is a web-based service that runs in the cloud. This means updates are pushed to you automatically. If you need help with setting up account, book an onboarding session with us.
Do you provide help?
We put our customers first. You can email or chat with us anytime by clicking on "Get Help" within your CozyCal account.
Does CozyCal support multiple users?
Yes, we support team scheduling!  After you create a team, you can invite more team members to join the team. They can either join a team booking page or create their own booking page.
You can interact with a demo team booking page by clicking here.
How is pricing calculated for teams?
Teams are charged based on the number of team members. Teams consist of team members that share access to a team's booking pages.
For example: if "Hudson Law Group" is on the Pro plan with 3 members, it would be charged 3 x monthly plan cost each month. We include 1 booking page for each team member. Additional booking pages are charged extra.
How does billing work if I add or remove team members?
When new team members are added to your team, your account will be prorated based on the remaining billing cycle. If you remove any team members, your account may be credited in the same way.
How do account credits work?
When you make changes to your plan, your account will be prorated immediately. For example, when removing a team member, or downgrading a plan, your account may incur a credit.  The remaining balance will be used when your account is charged upon a new billing cycle.
Do you offer refunds?
We don't offer refunds. Upon cancellation of the plan, we apply account credits to your account when there is remaining balance. For example, if you are removing one of your team members from your team booking page in the middle of a billing cycle, you will receive account credits on your remaining balance, which will be used when a new charge incurs. If you have a special circumstance, contact us at
Can I change my payment methods?
To update your payment information, you can do so any time in your billing settings.

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