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Hi, we're Kat and Chris, the creators behind CozyCal. Thank you for checking us out!

We are a couple bootstrapping CozyCal from Vancouver, Canada. Our vision is simple. We want to build the most user-friendly scheduling software and help businesses grow.

We have a Starter plan for hobbyists that are just starting off. You can also upgrade to the Pro plan, which comes with more advanced features that are suitable for growing businesses.

We want to continue improving CozyCal and deliver a quality product to our users. However, to run a sustainable software business, we need to generate enough revenue to cover the operation cost, build new features and ensure CozyCal runs properly.

Since we are bootstrapping CozyCal, we are not taking on any external funding to run the business. Most of the revenue feeds back into building and maintaining CozyCal. If we make CozyCal completely free, we would not be able to deliver the level of quality product and customer support that we want our users to experience.

So if you like what we do and think CozyCal brings value to your business, please support us and upgrade to the Pro plan. Many thanks! 🙌



Comes with a 10-day Pro plan trial.




per user, per month. Billed annually.
*$20 billed monthly.

If you have a team greater than 5, contact us by clicking on the chat bubble below for a special discount for the Pro plan.


Event types
Event bookings
Personalized booking page URL
Automated customizable email reminders
Customizable intake form
Limited to 5 per month
Team scheduling
Available in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish
Google Calendar
Microsoft Office 365
Timezone detection


24-hour clock
Event Request (accept or decline events)
Google Analytics
Google Hangouts
iCalendar Subscriptions
Clio Manage

You are in good company

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

Nope. Every plan comes with a free 10-day trial of the Pro plan. After the trial, you can choose to stay on the starter plan or upgrade to the Pro plan.

How long does setup take?

It's quite fast. The average setup takes a few minutes.

Does CozyCal support multiple users?

Yes, we support team scheduling!  You can invite more team members to join your booking page and offer clients more availability options. To learn more, click here.

Do I need to install anything?

There is no need to install any software. CozyCal is a web-based service that runs in the cloud. This means updates are pushed to you automatically.

Do all plans come with support?

We put our customers first. You can chat with us anytime by clicking on "Get Help" within your CozyCal account.

What calendars does CozyCal integrate with?

CozyCal integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365.

Do you have a referral system?

We're happy to provide a percentage of each new customer if referred by you. Send us a message with proof of the referral by clicking on the chat bubble.