How to schedule more appointments with package booking?

Kat Lu

Over the last year, we have had users asking us if CozyCal supports package booking. Now, we are excited to deliver the package booking feature to the community.

During the process of developing this feature, we have heard feedback from users from different businesses. We began to understand the importance of allowing users to sell packages on their booking page. Package booking is particularly essential for class-based businesses such as tutors, coaches, and fitness gyms that rely on revisiting clients.

So how can we incorporate package booking in the existing appointment scheduling flow and help  businesses increase sales with package booking? Bearing users' needs in mind, we mapped out a package booking flow that could empower businesses to offer bundled services and products with packages. Clients can schedule multiple appointments through a prepaid package that is more convenient and cost-efficient than booking individual appointments.

What are the benefits of selling packages?

Boost sales and attract clients

Offering bundled services or products in packages at a discounted rate can motivate clients to purchase multiple sessions at once instead of booking individual sessions. By combining various service types or products in a package, clients enjoy the opportunities to mix and try out different offerings of their interest. For example, you can create a package limited to scheduling core workout sessions only or a package opening up all fitness classes for booking. When you are launching new services or products, package booking is an excellent way to promote sales.

As for clients, they only need to pay once at check-out instead of making multiple purchases for individual sessions, which offers a better appointment scheduling experience.

Get paid in advance and eliminate revenue loss from cancellations

Once clients purchase a package, you get paid for a preset number of sessions or a total amount redeemable in advance. By receiving payments for multiple sessions at once, package booking increases your overall revenue and reduces last-minute cancellations. Even if a client needs to cancel a scheduled session, you won't need to worry about revenue loss since the session is prepaid by the package. On the client's end, they might be less likely to cancel booked sessions last minute since they have paid for them in advance.

Improve client loyalty for the long term

Offering packages can improve client loyalty and capture leads who want to use your services continuously. By rewarding clients with special package deals, they are more likely to purchase more sessions in the future and become long-term loyal clients. It's a win-win scenario for both you and your clients.

How to sell packages in CozyCal?

Creating packages in CozyCal is simple. Once event types are added to the booking page, you can create packages that bundle and combine services or products to maximize revenue and offer clients an opportunity to try different offerings.

Here is a journey map of package booking for hosts. It shows how you can create a package in CozyCal.

You will need to define several key parameters for a package:

  • name and description
  • pricing
  • redeemable for either a total number of events or a total dollar amount
  • validity period (when the package expires)
  • redeemable event types (you can select an individual event type or combine different ones

Once packages are created, they are listed on your booking page. Clients can then select the package they want to purchase and make the payment through Stripe.

You can edit the receipt page to send a customized thank you message when clients purchase packages. If you have a team on CozyCal, you can select the team member who will be receiving package purchase notification emails.

More importantly, it is easy to check sold packages and view the booking history of clients to view the number of appointments remaining on packages. By tracking packages, you can identify loyal clients and reward them with special promotions and deals.

How do clients schedule appointments through packages?

The flowchart below shows the journey map of how clients schedule appointments once they purchase a package.

Since clients will receive a uniquely generated package page link, there is no need for them to create an account with CozyCal. It saves clients the hassle of creating a separate account and logging in whenever they need to redeem sessions.

On the package page, clients can view information including:

  • redemption code
  • number of sessions redeemed
  • number of remaining sessions
  • receipt
  • expiry date

There are two ways that clients can redeem purchased sessions.

The easiest way to redeem appointments on a package is to schedule sessions directly on the package page. Clients select the event type they want to redeem, then pick a time and date to secure the appointment. The benefit of doing so is the balance is automatically adjusted to reflect a package's redemption on the check-out page.

The alternative way for clients to redeem sessions is to schedule appointments directly on your booking page. Once clients select an event type, date and time, they can apply their package's redemption code on the check-out page. The package page automatically keeps track of redeemed appointments and the remaining balance.

When a package expires, clients can no longer redeem events from the package page, and the redemption code becomes invalid.

Power up appointment scheduling with package booking

Now you have created packages with a generous discount applied, what can you do to get more appointments. Here are a few tips.

Highlight packages on your booking page

After packages are created, you can make them stand out by placing them at the top of your booking page and adding descriptions to highlight the discounted rate of packages compared with an individual session.

You can also create separate booking pages exclusively displaying packages you are selling. By subscribing to CozyCal, you can create unlimited booking pages under one account. You have the freedom to optimize the presentation of packages on your booking page to drive the best results.

Make it easy for customers to purchase packages


On your website, make package links easily accessible for leads and clients to purchase. After embedding CozyCal widget on your website, you can choose to either use the widget's default floating button throughout your website or add booking links to customized buttons or text.

Adding package booking links to your navigation menu or banner also helps to draw attention. It is important to make sure that the booking buttons or text are displayed on your website clearly.

The benefit of adding CozyCal widget to your website is that it creates a seamless appointment scheduling experience. When clients click on package booking links, the booking page appears on your website as a pop-up modal without redirecting clients to a different webpage.

Social media platforms

When launching promotions or sales events on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can add package booking links on your social media channels to directly guide people to purchase packages. In this way, it saves the extra step of redirecting customers to your website first.

Email newsletters

When sending email newsletters to customers, you can embed package booking links in the email. It is a highly effective way to highlight the deals and motivate clients to purchase packages.

Give package booking a try

If you'd like to learn more about how package booking is set up, this help article has step-by-step instructions. We have put in much work and thoughts behind building this feature, so we'd love to have you give it a try and let us know your feedback!

If you don't have a CozyCal account yet, you can sign up for a free 10-day trial or schedule a demo with us. We'll be more than happy to show you around.

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