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See how people from different industries are using CozyCal to grow their businesses.

Effortless coordination: CozyCal's role in the Opportunity Institute's annual conference

"CozyCal was such an efficient sign-up platform. My team and I needed something straightforward and simple to use in a fast paced conference setting. CozyCal proved to be a great experience overall. Additionally, the ongoing support provided by Kat and the CozyCal team was incredible! Always on hand and very kind."
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Aranza Obscura
Project Coordinator at Georgetown University

How Brown Lawyers uses CozyCal to simplify scheduling for clients and reduce no-shows

"CozyCal has saved not only time and effort, but it has also made our calendar in Clio a lot cleaner. Plus, with the reminder emails going out automatically, we have had way less 'no-shows'."
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Jay Douglas

How CozyCal creates an efficient scheduling process for the Emery Law Firm

"I just wanted to say how THRILLED I am with this scheduling software. Every time I look for something I need to do, its like you read my mind and have it all ready to go for me. It has worked so smoothly and looks beautiful. My clients are actually using it. So thank you!"
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Jessica Emery
Managing Attorney at The Emery Law Firm, LLC

CozyCal helps Launch in bringing startups to Canada

"CozyCal is a simple no-frills solution that gets the job done. On top of practical time saving, it's also helped significantly with my mental workload of having to worry about organizing my days."
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Sam Chan
VP of Programs at Launch

How Third Marble Marketing attracts 75% of their leads through CozyCal

"What blew my mind was the conversion rate improvements from our website. We have a very simple call-to-action "Call us now, or schedule a call for later", 75% of our leads chose to use CozyCal to schedule a call with us."
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Chris Fawcett
CEO of Third Marble Marketing

What Works uses CozyCal to streamline podcast and coffee chats scheduling

"We love the modern and simple aesthetics and client experience. It's beyond "merely functional," yet crisp and clean - well suited for our brand."
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Shannon Paris
Community Advocate at What Works

Canny team counts on CozyCal to run their scheduling while they travel the world as digital nomads

"We've never had any issues with meetings booked via CozyCal. The UX is intuitive for people booking which is the most important thing. I love how CozyCal looks and how easy it is to use."
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Sarah Hum
Co-founder at Canny

How Dream It Yourself uses CozyCal as a central hub for scheduling showrooms and collecting client information

"We have enjoyed 80% increase in bookings, and that's partly due to CozyCal. Since CozyCal automates the scheduling for us, we easily save 1 hour per day using CozyCal!"
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Justine Dewavrin
Founder at Dream it Yourself

CozyCal helps Pittsburg Sword Fighters cut administrative costs by more than 20% overall

"CozyCal just works. Students have actually approached me to tell me how much easier and more intuitive the new system is."
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Official Den Mother at Pittsburg Sword Fighters
Suzanne DeCree

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