Basecamp integration

Add add newly booked events to your Basecamp project’s schedule and have full control of your calendar

Add booked events to Basecamp projects

Connect CozyCal with Basecamp to send newly booked events to your Basecamp's calendar.

Set up two-way calendar sync by subscribing to your Basecamp schedule, and keep your availability updated in real-time.

You can manually accept or decline event requests after reviewing intake form information.

Set up a customized scheduling flow that meets your unique needs

Schedule external or internal one-on-one meetings or group events, and send automatic white-label email reminders to keep booked guests in the loop.

Connect with Zoom or Google Meet to automatically generate videoconferencing links for virtual meetings.

Integrate with third-party apps you already using to create automated workflows through Zapier.

Start receiving more bookings online today!

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