CozyCal is the simple and modern alternative is a simple scheduling tool that is equipped with essential features to support booking meetings and appointments.

However, for businesses with more versatile needs including room-booking or selling bundled services in packages, lacks the features to meet these unique demands.

At CozyCal, our goal is to build a scheduling tool that is intuitive, simple and delightful to use. We want to make sure that CozyCal does one thing really well, and that is offering a smooth and reliable scheduling experience for both you and your guests.

As a small team of two, we are nimble and flexible. By openly sharing our product roadmap and changelog, we want to be transparent with our community of users about where CozyCal is heading towards next. We believe that by listening closely to our user's feedback and engage them in the building process, we can build CozyCal as a product that provides true value for the people, for you.

We are not trying to prove that we're better or that we can do what our competitors cannot. What we want to do is ensuring that you are informed with our product's strength so you can find the product that best suits your needs.


There is no live chat and phone support. Users can only send support emails during limited office hours.
You can only set up appointment booking but not resource booking (rooms or equipments) or offer bundled services and products in packages.
You cannot send email notifications for scheduled events from your own business email.
💡Top-notch customer support
Live chat support is provided to all of our customers. We (Kat and Chris) will directly respond to your support emails within 12 hours. We also provide scheduled support Zoom meetings for hands-on support.
There is neither a public feature roadmap to collect customer's feedback nor a public changelog to announce feature updates.
💡Nimble and focused improvement
Our public changelog and feature roadmap is updated regularly to share with you our newest improvements. We are building CozyCal with a tight feedback loop.
💡Only with the features that you need
No bells and whistles features. We focus on equipping you with key features that streamline and simply your scheduling flow.
No onboarding sessions are offered to new users.
💡Support resource scheduling and package booking
CozyCal gives you the flexibility to accept bookings for multiple resources all under one account, as well as selling packages to get paid for multiple sessions in advance.
💡White label emailing
You can send email notifications such as confirmation and reminders from a domain that you own.
💡Onboarding sessions to help you set up
Schedule an onboarding session with us anytime and we will guide you through the set-up process over a video call.
Bloated feature set can be too complicated to navigate for users.
“We have tried other appointment scheduler, but CozyCal is the most aesthetic and intuitive one. We have enjoyed 80% increase in bookings, and that's partly due to CozyCal. We easily save 1 hour per day using CozyCal!"

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