A little bit about us

CozyCal was born amid the hustle and bustle of New York City, nurtured by Chris and Kat, a couple originally from Vancouver, Canada. Chris first started building CozyCal as a side project in early 2015. After hearing from a friend who was having trouble scheduling her patients online for her naturopathic practice, Chris decided to build a minimalist scheduling app to automate the process of online booking for individual business owners. After working on it part-time for more than 7 months, CozyCal was launched in July 2015.

Before the launch of CozyCal, Kat was busy providing feedback to Chris. Eventually, convinced that CozyCal would continue to grow and serve more users, Kat pivoted from healthcare consulting to support CozyCal full-time as the customer experience and product manager.

We believe in the potential and impact of small business owners like you. Driven by this belief, we want to build CozyCal as a scheduling software that not only allows your clients to schedule appointments easily on your website, but also empowers you to use CozyCal as a channel to attract new customers.

Your input are crucial for CozyCal’s growth. We want to grow together with you, and that’s why we have created a public roadmap for you to see what our next steps are. Feel free to send us any comments or feedback. We want to hear from you!

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