Event request

Accept or decline event requests after reviewing the prospect's intake form information and take full control of your schedule.

Enable event request with one click

You can manually accept or decline event requests to:

  • reduce the need of having to reschedule meetings
  • reduce the need of having to cancel meetings
  • share your booking link freely without worrying about undesired bookings

After selecting the service, date and time, and filling out the intake form, guests will land on the event request pending page.

Customize the event request message and notify booking clients when you will get back to them about pending requests.

Screen intake form and approve or decline event requests

Receive email notifications right after event requests are made through your booking page.

Review and screen intake form responses for qualified leads and decide if you want to approve or decline requests to secure booked time slots.

Customize event request approval and decline email notification templates to provide guests with further information including event confirmation details and reasons of event request decline.

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