Calendly Alternative

CozyCal is the simple and elegant Calendly alternative

How is CozyCal different from Calendly?". While both are scheduling tools, our focus and priorities are different.

Calendly's product is mainly tailored to the needs of salespeople and recruiters, particularly those working in the tech industry. Their priority has been shifting to serve enterprises instead of small to medium sized business. With a large team of developers, marketers and salespeople, they cannot always move at a pace that can meet the users' demands.

CozyCal is built with a team of two. Even though we are a much smaller team, we are adaptable and flexible. Since the very beginning, we want to build CozyCal as a scheduling software that is intuitive, simple and delightful to use for individuals with diverse tech abilities and businesses of all sizes.
By openly sharing our product roadmap and changelog, we want to be transparent with our community of users regarding the direction CozyCal is headed. We believe that by listening closely to user feedback and engage them in the building process, we can build CozyCal as a product that provides true value for the people, and for you.

We are not trying to prove that we're better or that we can do what our competitors cannot. What we want to do is ensuring that you are informed with CozyCal's strength so you can find the scheduling tool that best suits your needs.



You cannot manually approve or decline an event request sent by guests.
Resource booking is not supported.
You cannot send email notifications for scheduled events from your own business email.
πŸ’‘Support resource scheduling
You can create manage bookings for booking meeting rooms, studios, co-working spaces or equipment rental all. under one account. Add-on items allow you to charge for additional services.
Separate event types have to be created for every duration variant you provide.
You cannot sell bundles of appointments or services and get paid in advance.
πŸ’‘Multiple durations for each event type
You can add multiple durations (30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours) to each event type and adjust pricing.
πŸ’‘Support package scheduling
You can create packages of one or multiple services at a discounted rate and get paid for multiple sessions at once. Track packages purchased by clients, booking history and number of redeemable events remaining.
Email support is slow to respond, and no phone support is provided.
πŸ’‘White label emailing
You can send email notifications such as confirmation and reminders from a domain that you own.
πŸ’‘Support event request
You can manually approve or decline an event request after vetting the guest's information collected from intake forms.
πŸ’‘Top-notch customer support
Live chat support is provided to all of our customers. We (Kat and Chris) will directly respond to your support emails within 12 hours. We also provide scheduled support Zoom meetings for hands-on support.
πŸ’‘Support multicurrency in Stripe integration
In addition to supporting transactions in North America, Europe and Australia, our Stripe integration can process payments in other countries including Ireland, New Zealand, and Singapore.
πŸ’‘Nimble and focused improvement
Our public changelog and feature roadmap are updated regularly to share with you our newest improvements. We are building CozyCal with a tight feedback loop.
πŸ’‘Onboarding sessions to help you set up
Whether you are a solopreneur or leading a team, schedule an onboarding session with us anytime and we will guide you through the set-up process over a video call.
Calendly's Stripe integration only supports currencies in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Pound Sterling and Euro.
Slow in updating product changes and features on the public forum.
Onboarding sessions are offered only to enterprise customers.
β€œIt's so much cleaner than Calendly. It's a nicer experience for people I schedule meetings with, and the admin UX is way easier to navigate. I recommend people to give CozyCal a try.”
Andrew Rasmussen

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