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Product Updates

Redirect guests to another website for better booking experience

You can redirect booked guests to another website that displays customized content and collects key booking analytics.

Product Updates

Introduce resource booking: a simple way to manage resources

Whether you are scheduling for meeting rooms, filming studios, or rental equipments, a simple, automated booking flow can be created.

Product Updates

Why do we have a public feature roadmap?

Improving CozyCal is thus a collective, reciprocal, and open process that involves both us as the product makers as well as our users.

Productivity Timbits

How to run a successful virtual meeting

As online meetings become an integral part of a business's daily workflow, it is important to know how to run a virtual meeting efficiently.

Productivity Timbits

Which videoconferencing tool is the right one for you?

As remote work becomes the new work modality, it's important to run virtual meetings on a reliable videoconferencing platform.

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