Clio Integration

Connect CozyCal with Clio to manage appointments and increase lead generation

Capture leads right on your firm's website

Install CozyCal button on your website and create a booking page that matches with your branding to capture quality leads and increase client conversion.

Allow your clients to schedule meetings anytime, anywhere

Create your personal booking page that displays your offering and availabilities, so your clients can schedule meetings anytime, anywhere.

CozyCal is synced with your Clio calendar

Scheduled events on your CozyCal calendar are synced in Clio, and vice versa.

Email notifications will be sent to your booked guests upon bookings.

New booked client is sent to Clio's Contacts

When a new guest books an event on your booking page, their name and email address are automatically sent to Clio's Contacts.

Intake form information is sent to Clio's event description

Client information collected through the intake form is sent to Clio's calendar event description box, where you can view details of scheduled events with clarity.

Streamline team scheduling with efficiency

Display your events on a professional-looking booking page and allows your guests to select a preferred or an auto-assigned team member for event scheduling.

“I've been really happy using CozyCal in my practice and my clients love it.”
Joseph W. Shinaver Jr., Esq.
Shinaver Law Office, LLC

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