White label email notifications

Send white label confirmation, reminder and cancellation emails to keep booked guests informed, with your branding highlighted.

Customize email templates to best inform scheduled clients

Customize email templates including confirmation, reminder, event request pending, cancellation and rescheduling emails to send essential information and important notes about scheduled events.

Email notifications are sent automatically for scheduled events to reduce manual work and save time for you.

You can send up to four reminder emails in advance and customize the time of when scheduled clients receive them.

Send white label email notifications to maintain branding and build reputation

Booked clients can reply directly to your email address with minimal communication friction, so you can provide support in a timely manner.

With white label emailing, you can maintain your brand and build your reputation.

Once email domain is set up, white label emailing is applied to your entire team so that automatic email notifications are sent from team members' own email address.

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