How CozyCal creates an efficient scheduling process for the Emery Law Firm

"I just wanted to say how THRILLED I am with this scheduling software. Every time I look for something I need to do, its like you read my mind and have it all ready to go for me. It has worked so smoothly and looks beautiful. My clients are actually using it. So thank you!"
Jessica Emery
Managing Attorney at The Emery Law Firm, LLC

The Emery Law Firm is a St. Louis based family law and estate planning firm that focuses on helping clients with divorce, child custody matters, and helping families plan for the future with wills, trusts and other estate planning tools.

Jessica focuses her practice on collaborative and amicable divorce and estate planning for families with young children. She is passionate about helping her clients reach more peaceful lives and protect the children they love.

Jessica integrates CozyCal with Clio, the law firm's practice management software to streamline the firm's scheduling process and save time.

Before CozyCal

Before CozyCal, Jessica and her team struggled to find a simple way to schedule appointments for the law firm.

Our main pain point as a busy family law firm was making sure clients and potential new clients have speedy access to their attorneys, but without draining staff time managing appointments and keeping track of complex calendaring rules for various attorneys.
We also have an answering service in a different time zone, who couldn't use our Clio calendar because it didn't allow time zone preferences without a buggy workaround. In short, we needed a simple way to book appointments.

After CozyCal

Jessica found CozyCal easy to use and save time for her team.

CozyCal was incredibly easy to set up, even with all of our rules, and it integrates beautifully with our practice management software (Clio). It is just as easy for clients and potential new clients to use, and appointments are now set with ease. It even handles reminder emails and texts, which reduces the staff workload and lets us focus on what we do best - helping clients.

How does you and your team use CozyCal in their workflows?

CozyCal integrates well with the firm's existing workflows and helped to create helps to create an efficient scheduling process.
CozyCal is integrated on our website for potential new clients to book a time to speak with an attorney. A short intake form is attached so that we have the basic information we need from the client before they come in. Our answering service also has the link to the booking page and can book appointments and do a short intake without interrupting the attorneys when someone calls.
Everything booked on CozyCal is added to our main firm calendar through the Clio integration. Clients receive reminder emails and texts which reduces no-shows. The attorneys also use a private event link to send existing clients to schedule a call back and avoid phone tag and frustration. Google analytics is installed as well so that we can track new leads from various marketing campaigns.

Jessica chooses CozyCal over other alternatives for competitive pricing and great value.

CozyCal has definitely streamlined out intake process and simplified the training for anyone trying to book attorney appointments. It integrates perfectly into our practice management software which is invaluable.
We needed a calendar my answering service could use to book appointments that was fully connected to our Clio calendar. CozyCal was listed as integrating Clio so I thought I would try it out. I had bad experiences before with other calendar platforms that were buggy or missing key features so I was skeptical. However, I was able to set up and style my calendar in literally minutes, and fully integrate it with my existing operations without a hitch. The price is competitive, and a great value for the quality. It is paying for itself in time savings.

Jessica believes that CozyCal is a useful tool in streamlining scheduling for law firms.

I would absolutely recommend CozyCal because it is well designed and easy to use for staff and clients alike.

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