How appointment scheduling increases customer conversion

Kat Lu

Converting leads to customers is one of the most important goals of a website. The average landing page conversion rate across industries is about 2.35%. But the top 25% businesses are converting at 5.31% or higher.

There are many ways to boost conversion rate on your website. Widgets are easy and effective tools to convert leads to customers. You probably have seen a wide array of call-to-action widgets for websites including intake forms, pop-ups, chatbots and notification bars.

Depending on the type of product or services you are marketing, widgets can be placed on different areas of your website to maximize its utilities. For example, you can place an intake-form on your contacts page, a free-download pop-up to collect emails on your blog, or a chatbot throughout your entire website to answer questions.

However, each type of widget comes with its own pro and cons. What you need to do is assessing your website's needs and figure out which type of widget is the most suitable and cost-effective one. After all, you don't want to stuff your website with all kinds of widgets because that will overwhelm and annoy site visitors, resulting in them losing interest in learning more about your offerings.

Each widget has its own pros and cons; you need to choose the right widget that maximizes the chance of increasing customer conversion.

Besides the usual call-to-action widgets listed above, one effective lead-generation tool for business websites is an appointment scheduling widget. Whether you are a professional service provider or a product merchant, integrated appointment scheduling can nudge leads to schedule a call with you, which gives you the opportunity to convert the lead into customer.

Automated scheduling saves time and reduces friction in closing leads

You might already have an intake form widget on your website asking leads to leave their name, email address and other information. However, the contact form creates an extra step that you need to take to get back to the leads. Between you seeing and replying to the contact form, there's a lag period during which the lead could fall out of the sales funnel and picks an alternative solution.

This is where integrating automated appointment scheduling widget comes into play and make it more simple for your lead to directly connect with you. By allowing leads to schedule meetings based on their own availability, it reduces the friction in communication and saves time for both parties.

CozyCal allows you list your service offerings on your booking page, and you can sync with your Google calendar or Outlook calendar to keep your availabilities up to date. Whether you provide availabilities for scheduling demo session, free consultation or partnership meeting, your leads can easily see them on your booking page and pick the event and time.

Customize your booking page to highlight your offerings and match with your branding.

Automated scheduling attracts high-quality leads

When a lead is browsing your website and and sees your calendar laid out and ready to talk, it's more likely that if they are truly interested in learning more about your offerings, they will schedule a meeting with you to discuss further.

By giving leads the freedom and flexibility to book a call with you based on their own availability, they can skip back-and-forth emailing and enter your sales funnel at a later stage.

If the lead is willing to set aside a time to chat with you, it signals that this is a high-quality lead who has spent the effort understanding your business and ready to see if your offering is a good fit. You know that the scheduled meeting is a great opportunity to showcase your offerings and build connections. In other words, the likelihood of you closing the lead is thus much higher.

At CozyCal, we installed our own scheduling pop-up modal on our website. When interested leads click on the "Schedule a Demo" button and book a demo session with me, the chance of them converting to a paying customer is much higher than a free trial-user who has not talked to me.

Integrated scheduling helps to guide your leads entering  your sales funnel at a later stage.

You have more time to prepare pitching your offerings

If you have a chat widget installed on your website, it's great that a lead can transition into a chat with you in real-time. However, what if you don't have enough staff on stand-by mode to respond to conversations right away? The delay in response can turn the leads away. Sure, you can have a chatbot that replies with automated messages. But that takes away the in-person interaction that the chat widget aims to achieve at first place since it makes the engagement feeling less genuine.

With a scheduling widget, leads can schedule appointments with you right away without going through the chat. CozyCal allows you to set up a booking window so you can control when is the earliest and the latest that you want to receive appointments.

In addition, you can create customized questions on the intake form that comes after the calendar. This saves you the trouble of embedding a separate intake form. Once the guest selects a service, time and date, you can collect key information such as what are their specific needs for your products, what's their budget and etc. With these information, you will have sufficient time before the scheduled call to prepare answering the lead's questions and look into the lead's background. Being equipped with relevant information will enable you and pitch your offerings more effectively during the meeting.

There's no need to integrate a separate intake form, you can collect information when a lead schedules an appointment with you.

Booking directly on your schedule increases accountability and decreases no-show

Once a lead takes the initiative and books a time with you, that means you and the lead are then both held accountable to meet up at the scheduled time. You will need a scheduling tool that is equipped with features to remind the leads to show up. This reduces the chance of the lead cancelling the meeting last minute or fall out of the sales funnel.

With CozyCal, once an event is booked, the guest can choose to add the event to their preferred calendar such as Google calendar or iCal. In addition, you can decide what and when to send a customized reminder email to notify leads of upcoming meetings. This helps to decrease no-show while adds a personal touch in the lead engagement process.

Integrate scheduling on your website reinforces a virtuous cycle of capturing quality leads and increasing customer conversion.


There are many widgets that can help to boost customer conversion rate on your website. At the end of the day, no matter which widget you choose to have on your website, it's important that you pick the right one that maximizes your chance of attracting high-quality leads, and convert them into customers.

Having an automated appointment scheduling tool on your website give your leads the flexibility and freedom to proactively schedule appointments with you. With your availability displayed on the website around the clock, you increase the chance of receiving high quality opportunities that are further down the sales funnel. You can close leads faster and save time in the long run.

Kat Lu
Co-founder of CozyCal. Wanderlust at heart. Love books and films.

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