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Customize and embed the booking page widget on your website and empower online visitors schedule appointments anytime, anywhere.

Embed a customized booking button on your website to take bookings 24/7

Install and embed the booking page widget on your website or select webpages with only a short snippet code. The process takes less than 5 minutes.

Customize the booking button's color, image, text, and position to match with your website's branding and layout to optimize engagement with website visitors.

Make it easy for website visitors to self-book appointments anytime and anywhere, right on your website.

Capture more customers, get more bookings, and receive more payments

With CozyCal's widget installed, display your booking page either by choosing the default floating button or adding the booking page URL to preferred button or text.

Booking page opens up as a pop-up window on your website so visitors can schedule appointments seamlessly, without leaving your website.

Offer more scheduling options by adding specific event type page links on your website, and control the type of meeting your site visitors schedule.

Start receiving more bookings online today!

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