The rescheduling feature is up

Kat Lu

Over the past month or so, we have been speaking to CozyCal users who have kindly shared with us great feedback about CozyCal. Special thanks to those who spent the time talking to us!

As we are collecting the feedback, rescheduling has been a repeated request according to many users.  

Your wish is our command. 

Chris has been working around the clock to add the rescheduling feature to CozyCal. And now it’s up and running (Chris and I are jumping up and down now)! 

Take a quick look at this new feature demo: 

With this new feature, you can: 

1) Reschedule appointments directly on the CozyCal calendar without doing the prior two-step process of cancelling the old event and scheduling a new one.

2) Customize emails to notify your clients of the rescheduled time and date. 

3) Have the option to “Reschedule and Email Guests” or “Reschedule Without Emailing”. 

4) Click on the newly rescheduled event on the CozyCal calendar, and the event will display the old scheduled date so you can keep track of your booking history. 

We hope that you enjoy this feature and find it’s useful for your business :)

Also, we are calling out CozyCal users to please please leave a review on CozyCal on the WordPress plugin directory for us. Most people learn about CozyCal from the WP community. For new users, the reviews are 'badges of honour’ that validate the value of CozyCal. 

Therefore, your reviews are extremely important to us. 

If you could kindly take 2 minutes to write a review for us, that would allow more people to give CozyCal a try. Your reviews will fuel us to continue to add more great features (like the rescheduling feature!) to CozyCal. 

You can leave a review by clicking here. Many thanks! 

Kat Lu
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