How Dream It Yourself uses CozyCal as a central hub for scheduling showrooms and collecting client information

"We have enjoyed 80% increase in bookings, and that's partly due to CozyCal. Since CozyCal automates the scheduling for us, we easily save 1 hour per day using CozyCal!"
Justine Dewavrin
Founder at Dream it Yourself

Finding the perfect wedding gown is every bride's dream. And that's the goal Dream it Yourself wants to help each of their customers achieve.

Dream it Yourself is the first Quebecer Concept Store fully dedicated to contemporary, unconventional and creative weddings. By working with exclusive independent Canadian and French designers, the store offers tailor-made gowns that match with the customer's personal style.

Justine is the founder of Dream it Yourself. From guiding customers during fitting sessions to managing showroom bookings in the back-scene, she delivers her services with kindness and empathy. Together with her team, they uphold the values of listening, benevolence and support to offer each customer a unique and personalized experience.

With an expanding clientele, Dream it Yourself is using CozyCal to streamline the scheduling of fitting sessions for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and sample sales. They leveraged CozyCal's team scheduling feature to make it easy for their customers to select between the Cozy Showroom and Boho Showroom for their fittings.

Before CozyCal

As the founder of Dream it Yourself, Justine runs both the front and back-end operation at the wedding studio. With an increasing customer base, the studio was looking for a reliable, customizable and bilingual scheduling tool for their showroom bookings. They also need to automate the scheduling process to save time and run the business more efficiently.

Justine: "Before CozyCal, we received too much request for appointment and specific question about how we received our brides, our products and our pricing.
Our company grew quickly and we decided to open one more showroom. We need to find a way to reduce client questions and have an easier way to for our showroom bookings. We have specific pain points to resolve:
1. Too many requests and questions.
2. It's hard to coordinate the bookings of two separate showrooms.
3. Two languages. We are in Montreal so we speak both French and English.
Dream it Yourself grew quickly to two showrooms, and the team needs a customizable and bilingual scheduling tool to help the business run more efficiently.

After CozyCal

Now Justine is using CozyCal as a central hub not only for all showroom bookings, but also to store client information collected through CozyCal's intake forms. In this way, the information is easily accessible for the entire team.

Justine: "Now, all our appointment are booked online with CozyCal. Even if you called our boutique, we book online to have all the information centralized and visible to our team. We have 2 accounts (one for each showroom). All key information such as pricing of our product, locations of our boutique, style we offer are listed on our booking page.
The store uses CozyCal as a central hub not for scheduling, but also for collecting key client information through the intake form.

Dream it Yourself's showrooms boast of a boho, contemporary and elegant theme that comes with a feminine touch. Justine is able to customize the booking page to match with the store's branding and style, and this is why she chose CozyCal above other alternatives.

Justine: "We have tried other applications, but CozyCal was the most aesthetic and intuitive app. It's something very important for us."

Since integrating CozyCal in the store's operation workflows, Justine and her team are saving time, seeing fewer cancellations and getting increased bookings.

Justine: "We have enjoyed 80% increase in bookings, and that's partly due to CozyCal. Since CozyCal automates the scheduling for us, we easily save 1 hour per day using CozyCal!
We also have less last minute cancellations because the customers receive a reminder email two days before the appointment. It's easy for the bride to make the scheduling changes herself.
CozyCal helps Justine and her team to save time, cut last-minute cancellations and increase bookings. And that's worth celebrating!

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