Effortless coordination: CozyCal's role in the Opportunity Institute's annual conference

"CozyCal was such an efficient sign-up platform. My team and I needed something straightforward and simple to use in a fast paced conference setting. CozyCal proved to be a great experience overall. Additionally, the ongoing support provided by Kat and the CozyCal team was incredible! Always on hand and very kind."
Aranza Obscura
Project Coordinator at Georgetown University

As the project coordinator for the 2024 Opportunity Institute, hosted by Georgetown University and Penn State in collaboration with the American Talent Initiative, one of Aranza's biggest tasks was arranging coaching sessions between their 21 coaches and students from colleges across the country.

Before CozyCal

Coordinating so many schedules while ensuring a smooth process was incredibly challenging.

"We needed a solution to streamline our complex scheduling needs."

After CozyCal

That's when Aranza discovered CozyCal - an online scheduling platform designed to make booking appointments simple and efficient.

"CozyCal completely transformed how we operated. Right from setting up our coaches on the system to the last session, CozyCal made the entire process effortless."
CozyCal's user-friendly interface made it easy for both coaches and students to book appointments. This eliminated the confusion of email threads and missed communications, making everything streamlined and crystal clear.
With real-time updates, we never had to worry about scheduling conflicts. CozyCal's ability to handle high volumes of scheduling requests from teams at numerous universities prevented double bookings and ensured smooth operations. It scaled beautifully to meet our needs.

Customization options were another standout feature to Aranza.

CozyCal's customization options were a game-changer. We could set booking window time, specify coach availability, and tailor the platform to our exact needs. This level of flexibility ensured that the coaching sessions ran precisely according to our requirements.

Beyond the technical features, CozyCal's customer support stood out.

What really set CozyCal apart was their exceptional customer support. From day one, their team guided me through the setup process, addressing any questions or concerns promptly. Their responsiveness and commitment to our success was excellent

Looking back, CozyCal played a pivotal role in the success of the 2024 Opportunity Institute. By streamlining scheduling, the Institute could focus on fostering productive discussions and strategic initiatives to improve student outcomes.

For any event involving scheduling, I wholeheartedly recommend CozyCal. It eliminated administrative hassles, saving us countless hours while ensuring a great experience for everyone."

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