CozyCal helps Pittsburg Sword Fighters cut administrative costs by more than 20% overall

"CozyCal just works. Students have actually approached me to tell me how much easier and more intuitive the new system is."
Official Den Mother at Pittsburg Sword Fighters
Suzanne DeCree

Have you ever imagined yourself learning how to wield a medieval sword and fight like a true knight after watching Game of Thrones? We certainly have. Besides looking cool, you learn the discipline and history of the ancient art form.

Broken Plow is a western martial arts program run by Pittsburgh Sword Fighters. The program specializes in the training of unarmored weapons and unarmed combat.

For seven days a week, Broken Plow teaches various levels of German longsword, rapier and dagger, as well as Kendo and basic self-defense. The program has more than 100 members and continues to attract more people who are interested in western martial arts.

Suzanne is the official Den Mother at Pittsburgh Sword Fighters. For awhile, she has been looking for an easy-to-use and affordable scheduling software to streamline Broken Plows's class bookings.

Now, Suzanne and the Broken Plow team are using CozyCal and CozyCal's Airtable integration to take class bookings and track member attendances.

Before CozyCal

As the official Den Mother at Pittsburg Sword Fighters, Suzanne manages both the front and back-end operation at the popular martial arts gym. Class scheduling is one of the most important workflows for the gym. However, before Suzanne found CozyCal, she has been unsatisfied with an all-in-one gym scheduling software they were using.

Suzanne: "Even with a large student base, we found those all-in-one gym solutions to be cumbersome, bulky and expensive. It would take hours to get basic information out to the owner and managers."

But the most concerning issue with the all-in-one gym scheduling software is its lack of reliability, which disrupts the gym's operation flow and wastes everyone's time.

Suzanne: "Something was always going wrong. There was always a post on the group's internal page that something was wrong with the software and everyone had to delete and re-install the phone app."

Getting tired of the expensive and unreliable scheduling tool, Suzanne started to look for a simple solution that would solve her pain point.

Suzanne: "We were simply trying to find something that works and was affordable. I wanted something that could integrate with the website so our students had one place to go and do everything."
As the gym attracts more students, a simple and affordable scheduling tool is integral for the operation of the Broken Plow program.

After CozyCal

Suzanne found CozyCal through the Wordpress plugin directory. After chatting with us and setting up the booking page for the Broken Plow program, Suzanne loves how CozyCal solves the gym's scheduling pain point by providing an easy and affordable solution.

Suzanne: "First, great website integration. We were actually ahead of schedule and under budget when we set everything up. Who doesn't need more time in their day? Plus, we're saving a total of $100 per month. This is money we can put back into the club for gear, more classes and parties."

With a large gym of over 100 students, it's important that CozyCal integrates quickly and seamlessly with the gym's workflows so that class scheduling is not disrupted. Suzanne finds that CozyCal is very simple to integrate with her existing workflows. With CozyCal's integrations with third-party apps, Suzanne is connecting CozyCal with Airtable to collect student information and track attendance.

Suzanne: "We have all of our classes set up in CozyCal for scheduling. Because we use Airtable as our hub, we are able to connect CozyCal and Airtable through Zapier, and attendance is much simpler and easier to manage. We have all the information we need at one glance."

There are many scheduling tools available in the market, but Suzanne believes that CozyCal's the right fit for streamlining the Broken Plow program's class scheduling.

Suzanne: "Simplicity! Oh...and CozyCal just works. We've had one issue in the 4 months versus one issue EVERY month. Students have actually approached me to tell me how much easier and more intuitive the new system is."

For the past 4 months, CozyCal has helped Suzanne saving time and cut down administrative costs so she could focus her time and resources on more important tasks.

Suzanne: "We are running at near-max capacity on every Longsword class. Since using CozyCal, on average, I'm kicking out my monthly reports in less than an hour instead of 4-5 hours. We have cut our administrative costs by more than 20% overall."
CozyCal helps Suzanne and her team cut down administrative costs, save time and streamline class scheduling.

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