How Third Marble Marketing attracts 75% of their leads through CozyCal

"What blew my mind was the conversion rate improvements from our website. We have a very simple call-to-action "Call us now, or schedule a call for later", 75% of our leads chose to use CozyCal to schedule a call with us."
Chris Fawcett
CEO of Third Marble Marketing

Chris started Third Marble Marketing, a digital marketing company based in Virginia, with the mission of helping small, local businesses to grow by providing an affordable internet marketing strategy that effectively creates customers, NOT “traffic”.

Chris and his team believe that helping small businesses to thrive is crucial for growing the local economy. To do that, they focus on developing tailored strategies including Pay-per-Click Ads, Google Maps and SEO that enable more customers to find a small business on Google.

Third Marble Marketing's website is one of their main channels of customer acquisition. Besides listing the firm's digital advertising offerings, the website encourages leads to schedule an introductory call with them.

Before CozyCal

Chris is running Third Marble Marketing in Virginia, but many of his clients are based on West Coast. He needed to have a reliable scheduling software that could resolve the timezone difference.

Chris: "We frequently found ourselves working with people on the West Coast (we're on the East Coast).  They would try to call our phone lines after business hours, or play the "what time's good for you" game via email. Both situations wasted everyone's time."

After CozyCal

Now Chris and his team use CozyCal to attract quality leads on their website and schedule calls with existing clients.

Chris: "CozyCal makes it easy for our prospects and clients to schedule calls with us without playing the "what time works for you" game, which saves us time and prevents lost opportunities. We use CozyCal for two purposes:
1. for prospects to schedule a convenient time for them to start a conversation with us
2. for clients to schedule calls with our account managers

CozyCal's integrations with Google calendar and Zapier streamline the scheduling process Third Marble Marketing.

Chris: "We looked at several systems.  CozyCal was super easy to integrate with Google Calendar and the website. CozyCal's installed on our website and we use Zapier to load the new appointments into our CRM system CapsuleCRM. Capsule then feeds other apps we use."

Since Third Marble Marketing has started using CozyCal, they have seen a significant increase in customer conversion by scheduling calls with strong leads.

Chris: " What blew my mind was the conversion rate improvements from our website.  We have a very simple call-to-action - "Call us now, or schedule a call for later (ie. CozyCal)."  75% of our leads chose to use CozyCal to schedule a call with us.
Some of this is because they are on the website after hours, but several leads / appointments are scheduled during the day.  I think this tells us that just because someone is on your website, doesn't mean that they have time for a phone call.  Have an alternative like "schedule a call when it's convenient for you" is a real conversion enhancement.
I also can't believe how effective it is for scheduling calls with referrals. Most people that refer us a prospective client email introduce us.  We simply email them back and say "click here to schedule a call with me" and they do it almost every time."

Would you recommend CozyCal to other businesses?

Chris: "We frequently recommend CozyCal to our clients.  We're in the lead generation business. Since CozyCal helps us get leads, we also think it will help out clients."
Chris and his team have seen 75% of their leads choosing to use CozyCal to schedule a call with them.

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