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Kat Lu

Online presence is becoming more important than ever to law firms. Making it accessible and easy for clients and potential leads to schedule meetings on your website is crucial.

You might have hired receptionists or virtual assistants to take incoming calls and schedule appointments with clients. However, back-and-forth calling and emailing to find a time that works for both parties is time-consuming and inefficient.

Your client: "Will Mr. Wright be free on next Tuesday at 3pm for a quick follow-up consultation session?"
Your receptionist: "That wouldn't work for him. How about Thursday, at 11am?"
Your client: "I need to get back to you on that. I will call you again later to schedule a time..."

Email tagging is particularly counter-productive if you are a solopreneur lawyer who is running the firm by yourself. You don't want to waste your precious time on juggling time slots. Focusing on helping your clients is the number one priority.

Capture leads right on your firm's website

To capture leads and increase client conversion, you can install CozyCal on your website and customize a booking page that matches with your law firm's branding.

When it comes to create a seamless scheduling experience, it is important to create a booking page that is professional and clean looking, and allows your firm's branding to stand out. You can view an example booking page by clicking here.

The booking page displays your legal service offerings and availabilities. You can create different types of appointments such as initial consultations and existing client meetings. For each type of meeting, you can set different appointment lengths and availability window. This makes it easy for leads and clients to schedule meetings with you from whenever they want and from any mobile devices. It saves time both for you and your clients.

Share the booking page link with your clients

In addition to adding the booking page on your website, you can directly share your booking page's URL with your clients either in a text message, email or email signature. It's an easy and quick way to have meetings scheduled.

Clio integration for streamlined scheduling

Four months ago, we launched CozyCal integration with Clio, the leading legal practice management, client relationship management (CRM), and client intake software.

Our goal is simple. To bring an elegant, nimble and reliable appointment scheduling system to law firms of all sizes who are using Clio.

CozyCal syncs with Clio's calendar

Scheduled or cancelled appointments on CozyCal (integrated with a Google calendar) are automatically synced with Clio's calendar to make sure real-time availabilities are reflected. You will be notified of scheduled or cancelled appointments immediately through emails.

Intake form information is sent to Clio's event description

On the intake form of your booking page, you can create questions to collect information from new leads or existing clients. Information collected through the intake form is sent to Clio's calendar event description box, where you can view details of scheduled events with ease and clarity.

New contacts are automatically created in Clio

When a new guest schedules an appointment through your booking page, the guest's name and email address are automatically created in Clio's contacts database. You can easily track contacts and booking history in CozyCal's client database.

Customize Email Notifications

You can easily customize confirmation and reminder email notifications, which are automatically sent to guests upon scheduling. Any time you reschedule or cancel an appointment, emails will be sent to the guests.

Team scheduling that shows each attorney's availability

If multiple attorneys on your team, you can invite them to join the firm's team booking page. Each CozyCal account connects with one Clio calendar, so the attorney can have full control of setting their availabilities and customizing the email notifications.

Clients can schedule meetings with a preferred attorney or with any attorneys on the team. Meetings are auto-assigned to the team member who has availability for the chosen time slot. All scheduled events and contact information are synced with one Clio account.

Integrations that connect with your existing workflows

In addition to Clio integration, you can connect with Stripe to collect payments, integrate with Zapier to automate workflows, auto-generate Google Hangouts meeting links, and track booking sessions through Google Analytics. CozyCal's integration capabilities enable the scheduling process to be connected with your existing workflows so you can acquire and engage more customers.

Online scheduling is becoming increasingly important for law firms, especially given that more people are conducting business online. By automating scheduling, not only does it alleviate the burden of calling and emailing back-and-forth for you, it also enables your clients to be in control of when and how they want to contact their attorney.

CozyCal saves your clients from calling in to schedule a meeting. More importantly, by with automated scheduling, you can attend to your duties as a practicing attorney and increase efficiency of the business operation.

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