Increase customer conversion by embedding a scheduling flow on your website


When visitors land on your business's website, aside from showcasing the products and services you offer, it is important to make it easy for visitors to reach out to you as quickly as possible for further inquiry.

When visitors are first learning about a product or known as the awareness stage of their buying process, 19% want to connect with someone from the business. As they have done their research and are in the consideration stage, 60% of leads wish to communicate with sales.

As you can see, a shorter response time reduces communication friction and is more likely to engage leads when their interest is peaking. You don't want to play the waiting game for too long, or visitors will lose interest and seek alternative solutions.

The key is to deliver an impression to prospective buyers that your business is streamlined to be efficient and responsive.

Embedding an automated appointment scheduling software on your website is an effective way to grab the attention of prospects faster and allow them to reach out to you as soon as possible.

By openly displaying your availability and opening up your schedule for leads to book meetings, it shows that you are committed to spending time demonstrating products or services and answering questions.

Visitors who have scheduled meetings with you are likely to be high-quality leads. Their interest in talking to you shows that they are serious about considering becoming paying customers.

"What blew my mind was the conversion rate improvements from our website. We have a very simple call-to-action "Call us now, or schedule a call for later", 75% of our leads chose to use CozyCal to schedule a call with us." - Chris Fawcett, CEO of Third Marble Marketing

So how to add a scheduling tool to your website?

There are three quick and easy ways to embed CozyCal on your website. The set-up process takes no longer than 5 minutes.

Three ways to embed a scheduling flow on your website

Three ways to embed CozyCal's scheduling flow on your website to increase customer conversion.

1. In-frame embed

In-frame embed is the most straightforward way of displaying your calendar. Leads can see your calendar immediately as an integrated part of your website without clicking on any buttons or text.

CozyCal's in-frame embed is designed to integrate well with any website. The benefit of having an in-frame embed is that it makes the scheduling experience more seamless and streamlined. With seamless height adjustment, guests won't be seeing those annoying nested scroll bars seen in many inline tools.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to select specific locations on your website where the scheduling widget can be embedded. You can embed it on your homepage or on a particular page dedicated to accepting bookings.

Learn more about how to add in-frame embed to your website.

2. Floating button

You can choose to add a call-to-action button on your website that shows up as a pop-up modal upon clicking. Guests will not be redirected to another website. Once they are done with scheduling appointments or meetings, they can easily close the pop-up modal and resume browsing your site.

After installing the floating button, you can customize the button image, color, text, and position (bottom left or right) to match your website's look. Instead of having the floating button showing throughout the entire website, you have the option to limit it to only pop up on select web pages for a better browsing experience.

The advantage of the floating button is that it hovers and stays at the bottom left or right corner of your website, which acts as a constant reminder that visitors can hop on a meeting with you at their convenience.

3. Custom button pop-up

You can add your booking page's URL or even a specific event type's URL to the preferred text, button, or image. Similar to a floating button, a pop-up modal opens up when visitors click on the custom button, so they are not being redirected to another site.

The advantage of custom buttons for scheduling is that you can maximize its customization and place it next to wherever you think is most relevant and prompt visitors to schedule right away.

For example, there is a "Schedule a Demo" button on our website's header. When visitors click on it, they land directly on our calendar for the specific event, "Demo Session, " where they can quickly select a date and time.

Click here to learn instructions to add CozyCal’s scheduling widget to your website.

Boost customer conversion by refining your booking flow

After embedding CozyCal's booking widget to your website, you can take a few steps to improve your booking flow and boost customer conversion.

Intake form to collect client information

You can customize intake forms by adding various question types to gather meaningful information, helping you to better prepare for scheduled meetings or appointments.

For example, if you are a personal trainer, you can collect data such as the attendee's current fitness level, their desired goal through training, and where they heard about you.

Client information gathered is stored in CozyCal's client database for easy access. You can also send intake form answers to CRMs you are using through Zapier integration.

Event requests to screen qualified leads

You can enable event requests to review intake form responses and screen for qualified leads. Once done reviewing intake forms, you can approve or decline an event request.

Think of enabling "event requests" as setting it up as a filter to make sure you only commit time to meet with leads that are genuinely in need of your product or services. You can avoid wasting time with spammers or unqualified leads by declining their requests and freeing up your calendar for booking.

Round-robin routing for team scheduling

If you have a team available to take bookings, you can set up round-robin booking to automatically route scheduled appointments to team members based on their availability.

By taking your team's availability into account, staff allocation is optimized to avoid double bookings and respond to leads and clients as soon as possible.


Adding a seamless and streamlined scheduling flow to your website is integral to attracting visitor attention and converting leads to customers. Regardless of which method you choose to embed CozyCal's booking widget to your website, it will empower leads to schedule sessions anytime and anywhere they want.

It's a win-win situation for both you and customers since an automated scheduling experience saves time and reduces friction in communication for everyone.

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