Customizable client intake form

Collect important client information through customized intake forms that support various question types.

Collect client information with customizable intake forms

After selecting a service, date and time slot, guests will land on the intake form where they need to fill out the form fields to schedule an appointment or event.

Add mandatory or optional intake form fields including short answer, paragraph, checkbox, drop-down and date to collect key client information you need prior to scheduled events.

Enable event request to screen intake forms for qualified leads before manually approve or decline requests to secure the time slot.

Receive intake form responses in the confirmation email, client database, CozyCal calendar, and external calendar event descriptions.

Send intake form responses to your favorite apps through integration

Connect CozyCal to your other apps with automated workflows and streamline the client intake process of putting the information you've collected exactly where you want it.

Sync intake form responses to apps such as Google Sheets, MailChimp and Airtable through Zapier integration. Sit back and watch your workflows getting automated.

Compile, store and analyze intake form response data to gain insights on booked clients and share results with other team members and stakeholders.

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