Best school scheduling software

Empower students, parents and teaching staff to schedule events and meetings anytime, anywhere with a delightful, all-in-one scheduling software.

Build a simple to use scheduling flow to run school events

Whether your school is running parent-teacher conferences, planning educational workshops or running campus tours, create a customized booking page that showcases events, let guests self-schedule meetings, and reduces administrative burden.

Let students and parents self-schedule meetings around the clock
Embed "Book Now" button or use any custom buttons on your school's website to empower guests to self-schedule meetings anytime they want. Let CozyCal coordinate simple to complex event scheduling for your teachers.
Share booking page links to accept bookings from multiple channels
Share booking page and specific service type URLs with students and parents in text messages, emails and social media platforms to set up subsequent parent-teacher meetings or regular student check-ins. Save time so you can focus on helping your students grow and thrive.

Stay organized by keeping your schedule updated across multiple calendars

Connect with Google calendar or Outlook calendar to sync your personal schedule and working hours across all calendars, eliminate double-bookings and manage appointments easily.

Collect guest information through intake form
Whether you are setting up scheduling for internal staff meetings or external-facing events, customize intake form to collect registration information to better prepare for scheduled events. Export intake form information to spreadsheets or CRMs through Zapier to better manage student database.
Send white label automatic email notifications to keep guests informed
Send customized white label confirmation, reminder and cancellation email notifications from your school's own domain to keep booked students informed and reduce no shows. Booked guests can cancel and reschedule meetings on their own conveniently.

Control how your school and teachers are booked

As the admin, you can get a bird's eye-view of all scheduled events, cancel or reschedule meetings, and allocate teaching resources more efficiently.

Manage event settings and team availability
Configure event settings through event duration, padding time, and booking window. As the admin, team availabilities can be updated easily to accommodate changes. Individual teachers have the freedom to edit their own event and availability settings.
Manually approve or decline appointment requests
Review appointment booking requests first before manually approve or decline requests to confirm appointments. You can customize request pending and decline emails to better inform students of your decision.

Customize CozyCal to fit your school's scheduling needs

With a team of teachers, booked sessions can be auto-assigned to staff in a round-robin manner or let students and parents select a specific teacher.

One-on-one appointments with select teachers
Teachers can create personal booking pages or add availabilities to the school-wide booking page. Students and parents have the freedom to check each teacher's availability and pick a time slot that works for both parties.
Host group events by accepting multiple bookings
A time slot can accept bookings from up to 500 guests, which makes it easy to host parent-teacher conferences, campus tours, or educational training workshops. You can configure when reminder emails are sent to to best inform attendees.

Power up your school scheduling software with integrations

Connect CozyCal with apps your school is already using to create automated workflows that increase efficiency and reduce overhead task switching.

Offer virtual sessions with just one click
Automatically create videoconference meeting links for virtual events or classes through Zoom or Google Meet. Meeting links are shared with booked students in email notifications and event calendar description for them to join with just one click.
Accept online payments securely through Stripe
For school events or workshops that need to charge fees upfront, your can connect with Stripe, set pricing and collect payments right on your booking page securely and seamlessly. You can charge security deposits to discourage no-shows and last minute cancellations.

A scheduling app that takes care of scheduling for your school

Auto-timezone detection
Got students who are booking from a different timezone? We got it covered. CozyCal can detect timezone difference automatically so students can schedule appointments either at their local timezone or in your timezone.
Resource booking
Need to coordinate classroom booking or school facility rental? Manage availability and bookings of your school's resources under one admin account.
SMS reminder
Remind students of scheduled events with automated SMS text messages to reduce no shows (limited to US and Canada only).
Guest database
Search student details, track booking history, and export student contact list for newsletter emailing through a centralized client database.
“We used CozyCal to schedule virtual family-teacher conferences and loved it. CozyCal's very easy to use as a scheduling software and looks clean and modern. It saved our teachers a lot of time. Highly recommend it to other schools.
"CozyCal was such an efficient sign-up platform. My team and I needed something straightforward and simple to use in a fast paced conference setting. CozyCal proved to be a great experience overall. Additionally, the ongoing support provided by Kat and the CozyCal team was incredible! Always on hand and very kind."
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