Auto-timezone detection

Detect timezone difference automatically so clients can schedule events either at their local timezone or in your timezone.

Set up your timezone easily

Your timezone is automatically detected when you create an account to inform your clients where you are based.

If you have resources or team members located in different timezones, each account can set up their own timezone and show availability accordingly on the team booking page.

Guest timezone can be locked so your clients can only view time slots based on your timezone, which would be convenient if you are providing in-person services.

Auto-detect booking client's timezone

CozyCal will auto-detect the booking client's timezone, display the time difference, and adjust the display of your availability accordingly.

The booking client can adjust their timezone to view your event's availability in different timezones if they prefer

When an event is booked, the client can add the scheduled event to their calendar, which will show the scheduled event's timezone from their calendar's settings.

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