The 10 best resource booking software tools

Kat Lu

What is resource booking?

In a company, resources can be defined as any assets that take part in building the service or product offerings. There can be a wide variety of resources depending on the type of business and industry. If you are a consulting agency, people are crucial resources that are assigned to client projects. If you manage physical resources such as co-working space, meeting rooms and offices, their availability needs to be updated in real-time. If you operate a warehouse, inventory and equipment are key resources that need to be tracked and managed.

Resource booking is a key component of the resource management process. It involves identifying and assigning resources to projects by taking into consideration factors such as resource demand, resource availability, project duration and resource constraints. The size of a company determines the complexity of its resource scheduling needs.

Why do you need resource booking software?

It's not hard to imagine how laborious and time-consuming it is juggling resource booking in spreadsheets. The process becomes more difficult as the number and types of resources grow.

Resource booking software can help you plan, assign and manage and even forecast resources through automation. Depending on the complexity of your business's needs, simple resource booking software can schedule and allocate resources based on their availability, and more advanced software help with budget planning, project management and resource requirements forecast.

There are many benefits to using resource booking software:

  • Coordinate team member availability easily in one central location
  • Optimize assigning bookings or projects to resources more efficiently
  • Cut down manual, repetitive work and save time with automations
  • Book and plan resources collaboratively within the team
  • Get an overview of the team's overall bookings and schedule

Let's take a look at the best 10 resource booking software tools and their strengths and limitations.


Delightfully Simple Scheduling

CozyCal is a minimalist and beautifully designed resource and appointment booking app. It can be integrated with your website to create a seamless resource booking experience for your clients.

Whether your resources are team members, meeting rooms or equipments, you can add each resource's availability such as resource duration time, padding time and number of guests allowed per time slot on a master team booking page.   Resources can be auto-assigned to booked customers in a round-robin manner. But if you want customers to select their preferred resource, that's no problem either.

Once your booking page is up, you can set up intake-forms, accept payments and offer discounts through Stripe, and automate white-labelled email notifications for a streamlined resource booking flow.

As the admin, you can get a bird's eye-view of all resource bookings on one calendar, and filter to see individual resource's bookings. An intuitive interface allows you to manage each resource's availability flexibly by adding custom work hours or holiday time.

Through integrations with Google Calendar, Zoom, and Zapier, you can connect resource booking with other tools to create custom workflows.

What makes CozyCal stand out?

CozyCal is the best tool for accepting resource bookings from guests directly on your calendar. Its simple and intuitive design makes it very use-friendly even for non-tech savvy users. You can set up your resource booking page and begin to take bookings within 10 minutes. No code needed.

Compared to more advanced resource booking software that offers additional project management features, CozyCal focuses on helping you build a simple yet professional resource booking process that allows clients to schedule quickly and easily. You can also take advantage of the package booking feature to sell resource booking in bulk at a discount. It helps to bring in more revenue and build following from loyal customers.

What to bear in mind?

If you have an extensive list of resources to manage and have complex needs, CozyCal's not the right fit for you. CozyCal doesn't support project management related functions such as project timeline tracking, resource forecast and accounting. It also doesn't generate analytical reports on resource utilization. There is no free plan.

Who is this resource booking software best suitable for?

CozyCal is best suitable for solopreneurs and service-based small businesses who has basic needs for resource booking. It is a great fit for businesses that want their customers to book resources easily online, while they can manage resource availability flexibly.


There is no free plan. The Pro plan is $15/month per resource billed annually, or $20/month per resource billed monthly. Teams with over 10 resources can contact CozyCal for team discounts. There is a 10-day trial period with no credit card required. You can see CozyCal's pricing for details.

Resource Guru

Blissfully simple resource management software

Resource Guru is a simple resource scheduling software that comes with a visual calendar that displays the entire team's availability and booked times.

Each team member can personalize their own dashboard, while you as the admin, can plan and manage resources through quick drag-and-drop to ensure no resource is double-booked or over-utilized.

What makes this app stand out?

Resource Guru has a modern design that makes it user-friendly and appealing to the eyes. In addition to resource booking, Resource Guru supports project scheduling, leave management, capacity planning, and project forecasting reports. You can enable it to send you daily resource summary emails and keep you updated with the performances of all the resource metrics.

Resource Guru also offers cost-efficient pricing for teams with a larger pool of resources.

What to bear in mind?

Resource Guru offers no direct integrations with third-party tools. It only has an API with webhooks which requires technical expertise to set up. You might not be able to create custom workflows easily.

Who is this resource booking app best suitable for?

Resource Guru is best suitable for small to medium-sized businesses that need an easy-to-use yet versatile tool for resource scheduling and management.


There is no free plan. The Grasshopper plan (the essentials without reports) is $2.50 per person, per month or $0.83 for each non-human resource. The Blackbelt plan (standard features including reports) is $4.16 per person, per month or $1.25 for each non-human resource. The Master plan (SSO, data imports and phone support) is $6.65 per person, per month or $2.08 for each non-human resource.

You can try it out with a 30-day free trial.  For more details, see their pricing page.


The resource management platform to plan your team's best work

Float is a well-designed resource management and scheduling tool that is used by both small and large teams to schedule resources, plan projects and manage resource capacity in one place.

You can create and assign tasks and make updates in real time. To manage projects,  project timelines and milestones can be created to link tasks to group projects with precision. You can manage your team's availability by setting custom work hours and sync with external calendars.

In addition to resource management functions, you can monitor project budgets and make resource capacity forecast. Analytical reports can be generated for you to monitor real-time progress and compare estimated hours with the actual time taken for assigned resources.

What makes this app stand out?

Float offers integrations with other popular tools such as Google calendar, Slack, Quickbooks, Trello and Asana. You can integrate directly with these apps to build custom workflows for better efficiency. Float also comes with iOS and Android apps that make resource management easy on mobile devices.

What to bear in mind?

Even if Float can support resource booking for large companies, compared to enterprise-level software, its capacity for customization is rather limited. Float has features that support project planning but it doesn't have the full feature set to replace an ad hoc project management tool.

Who is this resource booking app best suitable for?

Float is best suitable for small to medium sized agencies such as consulting firms, design agencies, architecture firms and IT contractors, who need a simple but powerful tool for resource scheduling, tracking and forecasting.


There is no free plan. The Resource Planning plan is $6 per person per month. The Resource planning plus Time Tracking plan is $10 per person per month. You can try Float out with a 30-day free trial. For more details, see Float's pricing page.


Mavenlink is an all-in-one resource management platform with a broad set of features built for medium to large-sized service businesses. You can plan and assign resources to projects by viewing real-time availability, categorizing skill sets, and segmenting roles. Depending on a project's needs, resources can be forecasted to meet set goals.

Mavenlink also supports project management and time tracking so you can monitor the budget, margins, and project progression. The software's business intelligence feature can generate built-in analytical reports that show insights on resource utilization, availability and budgets.

What makes this app stand out?

Mavenlink provides a comprehensive suite of features that can satisfy complex resource management needs that go beyond just resource booking. Through Mavelink's Dynamic Resource Optimization, you can view team-wise resource data, respond to changes in demand and supply, explore impacts to revenue, margins and timelines and get optimized resource recommendations to maximize utilization. Its Skills Adjacency feature helps to align skills with project demands and identify opportunities for development.

Mavenlink can also generate detailed, custom business intelligence reports that provide insights on business operations so you can make more informed decisions. Through Mavenlink's unique integration platform (M-Bridge), integrations with other business tools can be built more easily. Direct integrations with tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack and Quickbooks are also available.

What to bear in mind?

Because of Mavelink's multi-layer feature set, the software's complexity will require some time to set up and the learning curve might be steep for non-technical users. For example, training might be required to master using Mavelink's business analytics capability. If you are a small business that has simple needs for resource management, Mavenlink might not be the best resource booking tool for you.

Who is this resource booking app best suitable for?

Mavenlink is best suitable for medium to large-sized professional services agencies such as advertising, IT, management consulting firms that have complex needs for resource management.


There is no free plan. Maven's paid plan starts at $39 per month.

Work Without Limits is a visual and intuitive project and resource management tool that helps you plan, organize and track resources all in one place.'s Workload View allows you to have a clear overview of your team's work distribution and know who is under or over capacity so upcoming tasks can be assigned efficiently. You can reassign and make changes to due dates to make sure resources can complete tasks within the set timeframe. It is not only good for human resource management but also can be used to allocate physical resources such as meeting rooms, equipment and delivery vehicles. also provides native integrations with many business apps that span across CRMs, Marketing, Software development and Project management tools.

iOS and Android apps are available for managing resources on the go.

What makes this app stand out?'s visual and simplistic interface is easy to use and doesn't need training. It offers a rich set of data visualization formats that enable you to view data as a map, calendar, timeline or Kanban board. Team collaboration can be done easily using drag-and-drop. You can create ideal workflows by searching over 200 ready-made customizable templates that best fit your team's resource booking needs.

What to bear in mind? is a great tool for a business's internal resource booking and management, but it's not the right fit if you want customers to book resources as external parties. There is no widget that can be embedded on your website for resource booking. Resource forecasting and business intelligence reports are not available.

Who is this resource booking app best suitable for? is best suitable for teams of all sizes that want to connect all resource and project management processes, tools and teams on one collaborative platform.


The individual plan is free and includes the basic feature set. The Basic plan is $11 per seat per month and includes 5 GB file storage and one dashboard. The Standard plan is $14 per seat per month and includes integrations and 5 boards.  Pro plan is $22 per seat per month and includes up to 10 boards.  You will need to contact for Enterprise plan's pricing. The free trial is 14 days. Find more details on their pricing page.


Real-time resource management for the modern workforce

Runn is a real-time resource management that supports resource scheduling, capacity planning and financial planning all on one platform. On one team calendar, you get to view everyone's workload, availability and utilization rates. The staff information help you to distribute tasks efficiently and plan future capacity needs. Employee skills sets can be matched to the right projects. Managers can update project schedules, milestones and resource allocations in real-time.

Runn generates detailed resource and status reports that compare your team's capacity and utilization metrics on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Through Runn's API and integrations including WorkflowMax, Clockify, and Harvest, you can sync data with external sources to better run your business.

What makes this app stand out?

On top of resource booking, Runn has comprehensive features for project management, people management, financial forecasting, reporting and timesheets. If you want an all-in-one platform that supports all these business operations but without a steep learning curve, Runn might be the tool for you.

What to bear in mind?

Runn doesn't support booking physical resources such as meeting rooms, venues and equipment.

Who is this resource booking app best suitable for?

Runn is best suitable for small to medium-sized teams in the IT and digital service industry.


The Startup plan is free and includes 5 users and unlimited projects. The Pro plan is $10 per person per month. Runn has a free 14-day trial. For more details, view their pricing page.

Hub Planner

Resource Management: is what we do best!

Hub Planner is a resource booking and management tool designed to provide businesses with a modern tool to plan, schedule, track and book human and non-human resources. It has three core functions: resource scheduling, timesheet entry and reporting. The Resource Scheduler offers an overview of resource availability and utilization that help you to identify scheduling gaps and conflicts. You can plan project budgets, calculate project spend and plan project milestones through simple drag-and-drop on a customizable dashboard.

Timesheets help to compare scheduled time versus reported actual time through interactive graphs and charts. Hub Planner can generate real-time reports that help you analyze all of your team's data including projects, resources, utilization, spend and budgets, so you can make better strategic decisions in future resource planning and forecasting.

What makes this app stand out?

Hub Planner's interactive interface is visual and collaboration-friendly. You can view resource scheduling using an availability heat map that can show you gaps in the production schedule and utilization distribution in one click.

Its Report Builder has over 70 predefined templates and filters that you can use to create custom reports flexibly. Based on your business's needs, optional extensions such as Custom Fields, Unassigned Work, Booking Tasks, Resource Request & Approval Workflow can be added on top of the core plan.

What to bear in mind?

Hub Planner's powerful feature suite might have a steep learning curve and requires time to grasp its full functionality. Users have mentioned that correcting errors and making any edits on the dashboard can be difficult.

Who is this resource booking app best suitable for?

Hub Planner is best suitable for small to medium-sized businesses across all industries that need a customizable tool to handle basic to complex resource booking.


There is a 60-day free trial. Hub Planner's Plug & Play plan is $7 per resource per month. Optional extensions require extra payment. The Premium plan is $18 per resource per month, with all extensions included. For more details, see their pricing page.


Redefining Business Efficiency

Saviom is a powerful resource booking tool that serves enterprise-level teams with complex needs for resource management. It has a configurable real-time resource scheduler that gives a bird's eye-view of project and non-project resource allocations across the enterprise.  By matching available skillsets with projects, you can deploy resources to improve project delivery and reduce project cost.

On Saviom's platform, resource utilization can be forecasted through multi-dimensional heat maps for resource capacity planning. You can gain insight into project revenue, cost and margins with on a user-friendly, customizable dashboard.

What makes this app stand out?

Saviom is highly customizable and has powerful features that satisfy complex resource booking needs at an enterprise level. In-depth analytical reports can be generated by incorporating multi-layered data through Saviom's platform.

In addition to resource management functionality, Saviom has products for project porfolio management and workplace planning that can be customized to meet business's unique needs.

What to bear in mind?

If you are a small business that has basic needs for resource booking, Saviom might not be a good fit for you. It comes with many powerful features that support enterprise-level resource management, not but necessarily tailored to the needs of smaller teams. It will require investment in time and effort to train staff members in using Saviom.

There is no transparent pricing information on Saviom's website. You will need to contact them to learn about pricing.

Who is this resource booking app best suitable for?

Saviom is best suitable for medium to large size firms from industries such as consulting, IT services, engineering hat have complex needs for resource booking and management.


Saviom has a licensing model that includes Non-User License, Lite License and Power License. You'll need to contact them to request pricing information.

eResource Scheduler

Resource Globally, Schedule Locally

eResource Scheduler is an enterprise resource management software that supports booking and managing human as well as non-human resources. It has a convenient Gantt chart that allows you to quickly get an overview of existing resource schedules and real-time availability. Resource information including roles, certificates, qualifications and preferences can be captured by user-defined fields and configurable forms. You can filter this information to match suitable resources with projects. It has an instant resource overload indicator that keeps track of resource capacity and alerts any resource overbooking.

You can also use eResource Scheduler's Timesheet feature to capture important resource utilization and project information in timesheets. Financial reports can be generated to show insights on planned versus actual budget data for resources and projects.

What makes this app stand out?

eResource Scheduler's dashboard is easy to use and comes with powerful features for resource scheduling and management. Managers can make changes to resources efficiently through the software's drag and drop, resource overload indicator, precise split and copy & paste features.  You can configure real-time resource utilization reports by applying different views and filters to extract useful information. It has transparent and affordable pricing for both teams small and large.

What to bear in mind?

Smaller teams might find eResource Scheduler to be complicated and many of their powerful features unnecessary. Compared to other resource booking tools that include full or partial project management capability, it doesn't support project and task management.

Who is this resource booking app best suitable for?

eResource Scheduler is best suitable for medium-sized businesses to enterprises that want customizable dashboards for resource scheduling and management.


Scheduling Module (core) is $5 per resource per month. Financial Module (optional) is $4 per resource per month. Timesheet Module (optional) is $5 per resource per month. For more details, see their pricing page.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the 10 best resource booking software listed above come with strengths and limitations. To choose the right resource booking tool, it is important to identify your business's needs and feature requirements.

If the software's visual representation and ease of use matter more than its feature set's breadth and depth, then a complicated enterprise-level tool might not be the right fit. Keep in mind that most of these resource booking software comes with a free trial that you can take advantage of to see if it's the right fit for you.

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