How to increase bookings with white label appointment scheduling software

Kat Lu

If you run a business that requires appointments, you know how important it is to have a reliable appointment scheduling tool. A white label appointment scheduling tool can be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to streamline your scheduling processes and provide a more seamless experience that boosts customer conversion.

What is white label appointment scheduling software?

White label appointment scheduling software is a customizable scheduling platform that can be branded with your company's logo, colors, and messaging. Businesses of all sizes, from small ventures to large enterprises, can benefit from white label appointment scheduling software. It can be particularly useful for service-based businesses, such as salons, spas, medical practices, and gyms, where appointment scheduling is a crucial part of these businesses’ daily operations.

Before we show you how to create a white label appointment scheduling flow, let’s first talk about why a white label appointment scheduling tool is important for businesses and organizations that manage appointments, bookings and reservations.

Why is a white label appointment scheduling tool important?

Here are some reasons why a white label appointment scheduling tool is important:

  • Professionalism: By having a branded appointment scheduling tool, you can create a professional image for your business. It shows that you take your business seriously and are committed to providing a high-quality service to your customers.
  • Brand consistency: A customized appointment scheduling platform can help businesses create a consistent brand experience across all touch points. Customers can interact with the brand in the same way, whether it's through the website, social media, or the appointment scheduling platform.
  • Time-saving: Manual appointment scheduling is a time-consuming task, especially for businesses that have a high volume of appointments. A white label appointment scheduling tool can automate this process, saving time and effort.
  • Increased efficiency: With a white label appointment scheduling tool, you can manage your appointments more efficiently. From viewing schedule in real-time, booking appointments on the go, to making changes to your entire team’s schedule, you can complete these tasks without having to pick up the phone or send an email.
  • Customer satisfaction: By providing a hassle-free scheduling experience to your customers, you demonstrate that their time is valuable to you. They can book appointments at their own convenience, without having to wait on hold or navigate through a complicated scheduling process.
  • Improved communication: A white label appointment scheduling tool can help you communicate more effectively with customers. Send appointment email and text reminders, which reduce no-shows and improve the overall customer experience.

How to create a white label appointment scheduling flow?

Think of your business’s scheduling flow as a flywheel, where each booking creates momentum for more bookings, leading to sustainable growth for the business.

Creating a white label appointment scheduling flow that drives more bookings requires a combination of effective design and customer engagement.

Create a flywheel with your white-label scheduling flow to captures more clients and increase bookings.

Create a flywheel with your white-label scheduling flow to captures more clients and increase bookings

Here are the steps in building a streamlined scheduling process using CozyCal.

Step 1: Create custom booking pages

A well-designed custom booking page can improve your online presence and make it easy for customers to find and book appointments with you.

  • Create a white-label booking page: Add logo, image, background color and descriptions on a customized booking page that features your own custom domain. By removing CozyCal’s branding, you can create a booking page that reflects your business's unique identity and enhances customer trust.
  • Sync with external calendars: Two-way sync with external calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook calendar to ensure that your real-time availability is always up-to-date and that customers can book appointments with confidence. Syncing with external calendars also prevents double-bookings and helps to avoid the frustration of scheduling conflicts.
  • Set flexible schedule and appointment types: Offer a variety of scheduling options by setting up one-on-one meetings, group events, and team scheduling that offers round-robin booking. You can also control availabilities by setting flexible event durations, event booking windows, and event padding time to allow for preparation and transition time between appointments. The option to block off specific times can also be useful for when you need to take a break, attend a meeting, or are otherwise unavailable.
  • Integrate with Stripe to accept payments: With the integration of Stripe, you can accept payments, offer coupon codes, and sell package booking securely. This integration helps streamline the payment process, providing a smooth and robust payment experience for your customers.
Create a flywheel with your white-label scheduling flow to captures more clients and increase bookings.

Step 2: Set up intake forms

Setting up intake forms to collect client information is an essential step in the scheduling flow. By collecting client information through intake forms, you can better prepare for each appointment and event, tailoring the service to meet the unique needs of the client. It can also help you identify potential issues or concerns before the appointment, allowing you to provide better and more personalized service.

  • Add questions on the intake forms: Add mandatory or optional intake form fields, such as short answer, paragraph, checkbox, drop-down, and date fields, to collect key client information that you need prior to scheduled events. By collecting this information in advance, you can ensure that you have all the necessary details for each appointment.
  • Enable appointment or event requests: After reviewing intake form responses, you can manually accept or decline appointment or event requests to reduce meeting cancellations and block undesired bookings.
  • Send booking data to your favorite apps: Automate sending intake form responses to apps like Google Sheets, MailChimp and Notion through Zapier for efficient management of data and a reduction in manual data entry. By compiling and storing intake form response data, you can gain valuable insights into booked clients and make informed decisions on how to improve your services to better meet the needs of the clients.
Collect client information by adding various types of questions on your intake form.

Step 3: Send white label email and SMS notifications

Email notifications and SMS reminders help to reduce no-shows by reminding clients of scheduled appointments and providing them with a gentle nudge to keep their commitment.

Additionally, these notifications help to reduce the workload of your staff, allowing them to focus on providing high-quality services rather than manually sending reminders.

  • Customize white-label email templates: Streamline your communication process through customizing email templates and control sending time of confirmation, reminder, event request pending, cancellation, and rescheduling emails. By setting up your email domain, emails are sent from your business’s email address, allowing you to maintain a consistent branding image across all communication channels.
  • Check status of email notifications: You have access to real-time information about the status of email notifications, including whether they have been sent, delivered, opened, or bounced. It allows you to monitor the effectiveness of the appointment scheduling messaging and make data-driven decisions to optimize your business operations.
  • Share Zoom and Google Meet links in emails: Hosting virtual meetings has never been easier. Zoom and Google Meet links are auto-generated and shared with booked clients in email notifications. Both you and your clients can join the scheduled meeting with just one click.
Customize white-label email notifications and send them from your domain for consistent branding.

Step 4: Integrate with your site to boost bookings

Embedding a white-label appointment scheduling tool like CozyCal on your website is a highly effective way to capture the attention of prospects and convert them into paying customers.

When visitors schedule meetings with you, it is a strong indication of their interest in your products or services, and an opportunity for you to showcase expertise and answer any questions they may have. These high-quality leads are more likely to be serious about making a purchase, and by providing them with a positive and efficient scheduling experience, you can further cultivate their interest and facilitate the sales process.

Embedding CozyCal on your website is a simple process that can be completed in three easy ways, taking no more than 5 minutes to set up.

  • In-frame embed: In-frame embed is the simplest, and most seamless way to display your calendar. This integration is compatible with any website and offers flexible location options. By strategically placing the scheduling widget, you can increase the likelihood of customer conversion and ultimately drive more bookings.
  • Floating button: Add a call-to-action (CTA) button to your website that appears as a pop-up modal when clicked, without redirecting guests to another site. You can customize the floating button's text, color, and image to make the message more enticing. For instance, using phrases like 'Book Now' or 'Schedule an Appointment' can incentivize visitors to take action. Once a guest has booked an appointment, they can easily close the pop-up modal and continue browsing your site.
  • Custom button pop-up: You can add booking page or event type URLs to preferred text, buttons, or images. This embed style is similar to the floating button, as it opens a pop-up modal when clicked, so visitors remain on your site throughout the scheduling process. The advantage of using custom buttons is that you have greater flexibility in choosing where to place and customize them to fit your website's style, making it easy for potential customers to schedule appointments or meetings with you.
Add in-frame embed to your website for a seamless, white-label scheduling experience.
“We have tried other appointment scheduler, but CozyCal is the most aesthetic and intuitive one. We have enjoyed 80% increase in bookings, and that's partly due to CozyCal. We easily save 1 hour per day using CozyCal!" Justine Dewavrin, Owner of Dream it Yourself Wedding Studio

              Click here to learn instructions to add CozyCal’s scheduling widget to your website.

Step 5: Share and promote custom booking links

Finally, it's time to launch your white label appointment scheduling flow and promote it to your clients and reach a wider target audience.

Besides embedding the booking page on your website, here are a few ways that you can effectively share and promote booking links.

  • In email signatures: Add the custom booking link in your email signature to make it easily accessible to anyone you communicate with via email. Consider adding a call-to-action button or custom image to make it more attention-grabbing.
  • On social media channels: Promote your booking page link on your social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, by creating posts or stories that feature the booking link in prominent spots. You can also create custom images or graphics with your booking page link to make it more visually appealing.
  • In email marketing campaigns: Include the custom booking link in email marketing campaigns to encourage your subscribers to book appointments or services. You could offer a discount for customers who book online, or a promotion for new customers.
  • In online profiles: Include booking links in your online profiles, such as Google My Business, Yelp, or other online directories where potential customers can find your business.
  • In digital advertisements: If you are running digital advertisements, consider including the custom booking links in the ad copy or as a clickable button to drive more traffic to your booking page.

By effectively promoting custom booking links on various channels, you can increase online visibility, making it easier for potential customers to book appointments, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Use a white label appointment scheduling tool to drive growth

Using a white label appointment scheduling software can transform the way you manage appointments and bookings for your business. By providing an integrated and user-friendly booking experience for prospects and clients, you create a virtuous cycle that attract more bookings, save time, and drive revenue growth and client satisfaction.

If you are ready to set up a white label appointment scheduling flow for your business, give CozyCal a try. We’ll help you build a custom scheduling process that delivers and converts.

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