External calendar sync

Syncs with Google calendar and Outlook calendar to update real-time availability and prevent double-bookings.

Sync with external calendars to take control of your schedule

Enable the 2-way sync with Google calendar and Outlook calendar to make sure your schedule is updated in real-time and prevent double bookings.

Get a bird's eye-view of all booked appointments in Google or Outlook calendar, and manage availabilities easily.

Time slots of synced Google and Outlook Calendar events are automatically blocked off on CozyCal, and scheduled events through CozyCal are sent to Google or Outlook calendar with event details including intake form responses and virtual meeting links.

Connect with multiple busy time calendars to keep availabilities up to date

Sync with multiple calendars in your Google calendar as busy time calendars to check availabilities across all your schedules and eliminate double-bookings.

Select the Google calendars to which you want to add new events scheduled from CozyCal.

Add or remove busy time calendars anytime to flexibly control your availabilities.

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