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CozyCal helps legal firms capture potential leads, onboard new clients and deliver an unforgettable customer experience through a seamless online scheduling process.

Accept client bookings for your legal services 24/7

Whether you are offering free legal consultation sessions or mediation meetings, you can create a customized, professional booking page that showcases your legal services, lets client self-schedule meetings, and reduces administrative burden.

Capture leads right on your firm's website
Let CozyCal be your firm's receptionist and handle scheduling with ease. Install CozyCal's plugin on your website to capture quality leads and increase client conversion around the clock. Save time and maximize bookings by delivering a modern client onboarding process.
Share the booking page link to make booking easy
Share your booking page's URL with prospective leads or existing clients in text messages, emails and social media platforms to let them self-schedule follow-up meetings or regular check-in sessions. It's as simple as one click.

Sync with external calendars to keep your schedule updated

Connect with Google calendar, Outlook calendar or Clio Manage to keep your real-time availabilities up to date, avoid double-bookings, and manage appointments easily.

Customize intake form to collect key client information
Customize intake form to collect client information such as their contact details, legal needs or specify service policies to better prepare for scheduled meetings. Information collected through the intake form is sent to Google calendar or Clio Manage calendar's event description box, where you can view details of scheduled appointments with clarity.
Send white label automatic email notifications to keep booked clients in the loop
Send customized white label confirmation, reminder and cancellation email notifications from your firm's own domain to keep booked guests informed and reduce no shows. Clients can cancel and reschedule meetings without the back-and-forth communication hassle.

Control how your legal firms get booked

As the admin, you can get a bird's eye-view of all scheduled appointments by filtering team members, keep track of court dates and block off time for away hours.

Manage event settings and your firm's team availability
Configure your legal services' availability by setting event duration, padding time, booking window. Manage the entire firm's team availabilities and resources with multi-host collective scheduling and round-robin scheduling, allowing clients to schedule flexibly.
Approve or decline appointment booking requests
Review intake form information first to screen qualified prospective clients, then manually approve or decline meeting requests to confirm bookings. Request pending and decline emails can be customized to communicate with guests with clarity.

Set flexible team scheduling types to maximize bookings

Auto-assign booked appointments to attorneys in a round-robin manner or let clients select the attorney they prefer to meet.

Schedule one-on-one and multi-host meetings with selected team members
Guests can view each team member's calendar to book one-on-one meetings or benefit from multi-host collective scheduling to pool availabilities from team members as well as meeting rooms. Each attorney can sync with their own Clio Manage calendar to keep work schedule up to date.
Accept multiple bookings per time slot for group meetings
A time slot can accept bookings from up to 500 guests, which makes it easy to host group mediation sessions, legal education webinars, or large legal conferences. You can configure when reminder emails are sent to to best inform attendees.

Power up your law firm's scheduling software with integrations

Integrate with your favorite apps to automate onboarding process and create a smooth scheduling experience for new and existing clients.

Schedule virtual meetings with just one click
Automatically create virtual meeting links for scheduled meetings through Zoom or Google Meet. Meeting links are shared with guests in the confirmation and reminder emails, and event calendar description. You can discuss case details your clients anywhere around the world.
Connect with Stripe to charge payments
Connect with Stripe, set pricing for legal services and collect payments right on your booking page securely and seamlessly.

A scheduling app that drives growth for your legal business

Auto-timezone detection
Even if your clients are located in a different timezone from you, CozyCal can detect timezone difference automatically so they can schedule meetings with you without any confusion.
Package booking
If clients have regular or recurring meetings with you, you can sell bulk sessions and get paid for multiple appointments upfront at once.
SMS reminder
Remind guests of scheduled events with automated SMS text messages to reduce no shows (limited to US and Canada).
Client database
Search scheduled guests, track booking history, and export client contact list for newsletter emailing or data analytics all through a centralized client database.
"I just wanted to say how THRILLED I am with this scheduling software. Every time I look for something I need to do, its like CozyCal reads my mind and have it all ready to go for me. It has worked so smoothly and looks beautiful. My clients are actually using it. So thank you!"
CozyCal has saved not only time and effort, but it has also made our calendar in Clio a lot cleaner. Plus, with the reminder emails going out automatically, we have had way less 'no-shows.”
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