The shared scheduling tool that teams love

Let each team member control their own availabilities and booking flows

Get your team on the same page

Invite others to join your team page

Send an invitation link to new team members and add them to your team booking page

Display events and availabilities

The company's events can be displayed on one team booking page so the guests can easily see all of your offerings and availabilities

Admin control

As an admin you can edit booking page settings, invite or delete new members, and manage their access status

Make scheduling simple for everyone

Set one's own availabilities

Team members' accounts are synced with their own Google calendars for easy and quick real-time availability update

Create a private event type

A team member can create a private event type (invisible on the team booking page), and share the private link with guests for easy booking

Centralized Billing

Payments collected across the team booking page go into a single connected Stripe account for easy billing management

Different appointment types allow flexible scheduling

One-on-one meeting

Guests can choose a preferred team member to book a one-on-one meeting at individual time slots

Round-robin team member delegation

When guests book events with "Anyone", meetings are automatically delegated to team members with availabilities at selected time slots

Group meetings

Allow multiple guests to schedule the same time slot for an event type

Create multiple booking pages

In addition to the team booking page, team members can add their own personal booking pages and sync with Google calendars to prevent double-bookings