How to set up efficient team scheduling?


Managing your team’s availability and scheduling flow can be time-consuming. To build an efficient team scheduling system, picking the right team scheduling software can save you and your team significant time and cost through automation.

From offering availability, sending automated email reminders to collecting payments for booked appointments, team scheduling software minimizes no-shows, reduces communication friction, and delivers a professional user experience for leads and clients.

CozyCal is an intuitive, flexible team scheduling tool that empowers your team to build customized scheduling flows, manage availability across the team, and control how your team gets scheduled to maximize bookings, all in one centralized place.

Whether you are a law firm with a team of attorneys who schedule frequent client meetings, or a marketing agency with multiple consultants offering strategy sessions to leads, your team can go about customizing scheduling flows depending on their needs.

So how to create team scheduling in CozyCal? Let me walk you over the set-up process step-by-step.

Decide what team scheduling structure you want to adopt

To add team members to your team, they will need to create CozyCal accounts first

Once you have invited team members to join your team, there are two team scheduling structures that you can choose to set up.

Option 1: team members share the same booking page

Invite team members to join the same booking page. As the admin, you can customize the team booking page’s profile picture, URL, background color, language and time format to highlight your business’s branding.

On the same booking page, each team member has the flexibility to

  • either add availability to team-wide event types that enable round-robin booking for guests through a group calendar;
  • set the event type to accept either one-on-one meetings or group meetings;
  • or create personal folders and event types that exclusively display their availability.

This option is ideal if you want the entire team’s event types and availability to be shown on the same booking page. For team-wide event types that have multiple team members’ availability added, round-robin booking can be enabled so that scheduled meetings are auto-assigned to staff to evenly distribute work among the team.

For example, Third Marble Marketing is a marketing agency that uses CozyCal to schedule both introduction calls and client meetings. For introduction calls, guests can either schedule a call with any marketing expert on the team in a round-robin style or select a specific team member of their preference.

As for scheduling calls with existing clients, each marketing expert on the team creates their own event type that only shows their availability, making it easily accessible for clients to schedule calls.

One key benefit of setting up a team-wide booking page is that as the admin, you can easily view and edit the entire team’s availability across multiple event types. Since everyone on the team can see the working schedules across the team, it makes coordination and communication much easier.

Through the availability setting dashboard, one event’s availability can be quickly copied to other event types and team members in bulk, saving you a great amount of time and effort from manually juggling different team members’ schedules.

Option 2: team members create personal booking pages

Once team members have joined your team, instead of adding availability and event types to a team-wide booking page, they can create personal booking pages.

The benefits of personal booking pages are that:

  • team members have the autonomy to customize the booking page’s setting such as profile picture, URL, color scheme, language, and time format;
  • booking guests are only seeing the team member’s availability and event types, offering a more personal scheduling experience.

One caveat to bear in mind. As the admin, you can still edit the team member’s personal booking pages. However, unlike a team-wide booking page in which one event type availability can be applied to other event types and team members, event type availability and related settings can not be applied across different booking pages.

Regardless of which team scheduling structure you decide to set up, CozyCal can automatically detect timezones of team members as well as that of clients to ensure time difference is taken in account when displaying availability.

Setting up a streamlined team scheduling flow

Once team members’ event types and availability are added to the team booking page, you can further customize the team scheduling flow.

Customize intake form to collect client information

For both team-wide and individual team members’ event types, intake forms can be customized to gather client contacts and other important information. You can add mandatory or optional intake form fields including short answers, paragraphs, checkboxes, and drop-down menu questions.

Customize white-label email notifications

Sending email notifications to clients prior to scheduled sessions reduce no-shows and cancellations. Each type of email including confirmation, reminder, cancellation and rescheduling emails comes with email templates that can be edited to send essential information and notes to clients.

More importantly, CozyCal supports sending white-label email notifications from your business’s own email address. In this way, booked clients can reply directly to your email address with minimal communication friction, and you can respond in a timely manner.

Enable even requests

Event requests are particularly useful if your team wants to review intake form responses and screen for qualified clients before accepting or declining an event or meeting request. Event request acts as a filter to make sure your team only commits time to engage with leads who are genuinely interested in your services or products.

For round-robin team scheduling, the team member who is assigned an event request has the right to review the intake form responses and decide if the request is legitimate. Incorporating event requests as an additional step in your team scheduling flow can help avoid wasting time with spammers and unqualified leads.

Set up integrations to power up team scheduling

Now that you have finished setting up the backbone of team scheduling, there are additional integrations that can supercharge team scheduling flow by enhancing automation and addressing complex team needs.

Integrate with Stripe to accept payments securely

It takes only a few clicks to connect with your business’s Stripe account, and add pricing on the booking page. Stripe payment allows you to take deposits, add discount coupons, and send digital receipts across the entire team in a centralized billing dashboard.

Within Stripe, you can track transaction details and segment to see revenue data by team members.

Schedule virtual meetings through Zoom and Google Meet

Team members can link with their Zoom or Google accounts to schedule virtual meetings and events. Unique Zoom or Google Meet meeting links are automatically generated for scheduled meetings. The meeting links are added to booked clients’ calendar events, confirmation and reminder emails to avoid no-shows.

For group meetings such as webinars, workshops or conferences, the generated virtual meeting link is shared with multiple attendees to make sure events are held successfully.

Integrate with your favorite apps through Zapier

Zapier is a tool that helps your team connect CozyCal with other third-party apps to automate workflows, and save time by skipping manual data entry.

For example, you can set up a zap to send intake form responses collected from CozyCal to a CRM like HubSpot, a newsletter emailing app like MailChimp or a database like Google Spreadsheets, which allow you to further process and analyze team scheduling data.

Managing team booking as the admin

Whether you run a small team of a few staff members or a large team with up to dozens of employees, CozyCal makes it easy for admins to manage team scheduling.

Team calendar

Besides being able to manage team member availability, as the admin, you can get a bird’s eye-view of all scheduled events across the team, or filter to see a specific team member’s booking record.

Collecting team booking data can provide you with the information you need to understand how your team is doing and identify opportunities to increase team productivity.

Grant team admin rights to share the workload

You have the flexibility to grant team admin rights to other team members so that they edit booking page settings, invite or delete team members, and access booking data across the team.

Installing team scheduling on your website to capture leads

Now that your team scheduling is set and ready to take bookings, you can install the team booking page seamlessly on your website, social media platforms, and marketing emails.

In particular, embedding team scheduling on your website is an effective way to grab the attention of prospects faster and allow them to reach out to you as soon as possible.

There are three ways to embed CozyCal on your website.

  • In-frame embed: In-frame embed is the most straightforward way of displaying your team’s booking page. Leads and clients see your calendar as an integrated part of the website without clicking on any buttons or text. The benefit of having an in-frame embed is that it makes the scheduling experience more seamless and streamlined.
  • Floating button: A floating button shows up as a pop-up modal upon clicking and booking guests are not redirected to another website. You can customize the floating button’s image, color, text, and position (bottom left or right) to match your branding. The benefit of adding a floating button is that it hovers and stays on a webpage, which entices visiting guests to click on.
  • Custom button pop-up: Add URLs of the team booking page or team members’ personal booking pages to custom text, button or image, which show as a pop-up modal right on the website. The advantage of custom buttons is that you enjoy the flexibility to place booking pages at the most relevant spots on the website.
Learn more about embedding CozyCal on your website here.

Set up your team scheduling for success

Automating business operations with software involves a lot of moving parts, but understanding your team’s structure and providing them with the right tool can help everyone work more effectively and efficiently.

When your team relies heavily on appointment or event scheduling, CozyCal is the perfect team scheduling software that helps you build an automated scheduling system. A streamlined scheduling flow will empower your team to schedule more appointments, book more demos and continuously deliver quality services to clients.

Are you ready for your team to get started? Sign up for a free 10-day trial today! If you want to see team scheduling in CozyCal in live mode, book a demo here and I will be happy to show you around.
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